The Dave Brubeck Quartet records ‘Countdown—Time in Outer Space’ for Columbia (1962)

‘Countdown—Time in Outer Space’ by the Dave Brubeck Quartet is a studio album recorded (partly) on February 12, 1962 and released the same year by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Countdown (Dave Brubeck) – 02:23 . 2.Eleven Four (Paul Desmond) – 02:48 . 3.Why Phillis (Eugene Wright) – 02:17 . 4.Someday My Prince Will Come (Larry Morey, Frank Churchill) – 06:22 . 5.Castilian Blues (Dave Brubeck) – 02:33 . 6.Castilian Drums (Dave Brubeck) – 03:52 . 7.Fast Life (Dave Brubeck) – 02:57 . 8.Waltz Limp (Dave Brubeck) – 04:14 . 9.Three’S A Crowd (Dave Brubeck) – 02:41 . 10.Danse Duet (Dave Brubeck) – 03:45 . 11.Back To Earth (Dave Brubeck) – 03:16

Don Hunstein

Musicians : Dave Brubeck – Piano . Paul Desmond – Saxophone . Joe Morello – Drums . Eugene Wright – Bass

Production : Produced By Teo Macero . Cliff Morris – Engineer . Fred Plaut – Engineer . Robert Waller – Engineer . Mark Wilder – Mastering . Jen Wyler – Mixing

Package : Don Hunstein asterisques RVM – Photography . Teo Macero – Liner Notes . Beverly Parker – Photography . Hank Parker – Photography

Recorded On May 3, 1961 & February 12, 1962 .

Released In 1962 By Columbia.


Listening to the introductory tympani solo was one of the strangest things I have come across in quite a while. Evidently this album made its way to Australiaand into the record collection of the Young family. The Angus Young of AC/DC fame family that is. Subconsciously or otherwise, the famous opening riff of that group’s “Whole Lotta Rosie” was lifted note for note from Brubeck’s “Countdown.” It is bizarre, but there is no mistaking it. […]

One of Dave Brubeck‘s more adventurous albums, this LP finds his Quartet exploring originals in a variety of potentially difficult time signatures including 11/4 and a polyrhythmic version of the dates’ one standard “Someday My Prince Will Come.” […]

Joel S. Schneider @ Amazon
Lost TreasureI would love to find out why this music was unavailable for so many years – and still is difficult to find in its original form and with its original cover and notes. Anyone who appreciates the Dave Brubeck Quartet will find this to be a lost treasure. […]


‘Countdown—Time in Outer Space’ by the Dave Brubeck Quartet on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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