Dave Holland releases ‘Prism’ recorded with Kevin Eubank, Crag Taborn and Eric Harland (2013)

Dave Holland‘s ‘Prism’ is an album recorded with Kevin Eubank, Crag Taborn and Eric Harland and released on September 2, 2013 y Okeh Records / Dare2 Records.


Dave Holland releases ‘Prism’ recorded with Kevin Eubank, Crag Taborn and Eric Harland (2013)

1 . Interview

2 . The Empty Chair (w/ Prism

3 . The Watcher (Oct. 15Th, 2013, Jazz Club Hannover, Germany

4 . Choir (Oct. 15Th, 2013, Jazz Club Hannover, Germany

5 . New Day (Toronto Jazz Festival, 2014

6 . The True Meaning Of Determination (Toronto Jazz Festival, 2014

7 . Breathe (w/ Eric Harland & Prism

Track Listing : 1.The Watcher (Kevin Eubanks) – 06:59 . 2.The Empty Chair (Dave Holland) – 08:35 . 3.Spirals (Craig Taborn) – 08:46 . 4.Choir (Eric Harland) – 04:50 . 5.The Color Of Iris (Kevin Eubanks) – 07:28 . 6.A New Day (Dave Holland) – 07:53 . 7.The True Meaning Of Determination (Craig Taborn) – 09:22 . 8.Evolution (Kevin Eubanks) – 10:26 . 9.Breath (Eric Harland) – 05:41

Musicians : Dave Holland – Bass . Kevin Eubanks – Guitar . Eric Harland – Drums . Craig Taborn – Fender Rhodes, Piano

Production : Produced By Dave Holland . Chris Allen – Assistant Engineer . Greg Calbi – Mastering . James Farber – Engineer . Ted Tuthill – Assistant Engineer

Package : Susan Archie – Design . Kevin Byrd – Artwork . Ulli Gruber – Photography

Recorded 2013.

Released On September 2, 2013 By Okeh Records / Dare2 Records.

(Source Dave Holland – Prism | Official Site)

Dave Holland


Los Angeles Times
Jazz master Dave Holland keeps creative process flowing with Prism With Eubanks often taking the lead with flame-throwing runs that are miles removed from the talk show circuit, the results include a shape-shifting nocturnal blues in Holland’s “The Empty Chair (for Clare),” swerving gospel-funk in Harland’s “Choir” or the clockwork pulse of Taborn’s “The True Meaning of Determination.” […]

Dave Holland‘s ‘Prism’ Goes To 11, Elegantly Everybody on Prism understands that the pleasures of the groove are complex and deep — it’s not just about moving feet. Dave Holland has minded such matters for decades, but he’s wise to shake up his music even when it’s been going fine. […]

All About Jazz
Prism isn’t simply a great album by a great band; it’s as good as jazz records come. Four months may separate this album’s release and the close of 2013, but this one may have already sealed it up for “Album Of The Year” honors. […]


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