David Bowie releases ‘Lodger,’ his thirteenth album and the last of the Berlin Trilogy (1979)

David Bowie‘s ‘Lodger’ is his thirteenth studio album (the last of the Berlin Trilogy) recorded in Switzerland and New York and released on May 18, 1979 by RCA.


David Bowie releases ‘Lodger,’ his thirteenth album and the last of the Berlin Trilogy (1979)

Track Listing : 1.Fantastic Voyage (David Bowie, Brian Eno) – 02:55 . 2.African Night Flight (David Bowie, Brian Eno) – 02:54 . 3.Move On (David Bowie) – 03:16 . 4.Yassassin (David Bowie) – 04:10 . 5.Red Sails (David Bowie, Brian Eno) – 03:43 . 6.Dj (David Bowie, Brian Eno, Carlos Alomar) – 03:59 . 7.Look Back In Anger (David Bowie, Brian Eno) – 03:08 . 8.Boys Keep Swinging (David Bowie, Brian Eno) – 03:17 . 9.Repetition (David Bowie) – 02:59 . 10.Red Money (David Bowie, Carlos Alomar) – 04:17

Bruce Weber

Musicians : David Bowie – Vocals, Guitar, Synthesizer, Chamberlin, Piano . Brian Eno – Synthesizers, Ambient Drone, Prepared Piano, Cricket Menace, Guitar Treatments, Horse Trumpet, Eroica Horn, Piano, Backing Vocals . Tony Visconti – Guitar, Mandolin, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals . Adrian Belew – Guitar, Mandolin . Carlos Alomar – Guitar, Drums On (8) . Dennis Davis – Drums, Percussion, Bass Guitar On (8) . George Murray – Bass Guitar . Sean Mayes – Piano . Simon House – Violin, Mandolin . Roger Powell – Synthesizer . Stan Harrison – Saxophone

Production : Produced By David Bowie, Tony Visconti . Tony Visconti – Engineer, Mixing . David Richards – Engineer . Rod O’Brien – Mixing

Package : Derek Boshier – Design . Kevin Cann – Design . Bruce Weber asterisques RVM– Photography

Video Director(s) : David Mallet for “DJ” and “Look Back in Anger”

Recorded September 1978, March 1979 At Mountain Studios (Montreux, Switzerland); Record Plant Studios (New York City, New York).

Released On May 18, 1979 By Rca.

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Rolling Stone
Inside David Bowie‘s Final Berlin Album ‘LodgerAfter three years, Bowie’s creative romance with Eno was fraying – as Bowie delicately put it, “We’ve slightly changed our opinions about music and what we should be doing.” […]

The Quietus
30-Years On: David Bowie‘s Lodger Comes In From The ColdEqually, although Bowie has claimed that ‘Red Sails’ is directly influenced by Neu!, and the motorik beat, whooshing synths and crunching guitar are all present and correct, his vocals seem to parody Byrnes, especially on the “fa-fa-far away” section towards the end. […]

To this day, no musician has better mastered the hermetic intensity of cocaine, a drug that makes you want to have long conversations with everyone you’ve ever met without leaving your room. […]


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