Columbia release ‘Spirit’ Depeche Mode’s fourteenth album (2017)

Depeche Mode ‘s ‘Spirit’ is their fourteenth studio album produced by James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco and released on March 17, 2017 by Columbia.


Columbia release ‘Spirit’ Depeche Mode’s fourteenth album (2017)

Track Listing : 1.Going Backwards (Martin L. Gore) – 05:43 . 2.Where’S The Revolution (Martin L. Gore) – 04:59 . 3.The Worst Crime (Martin L. Gore) – 03:48 . 4.Scum (Martin L. Gore) – 03:14 . 5.You Move (Martin L. Gore, Dave Gahan) – 03:50 . 6.Cover Me (Dave Gahan, Peter Gordeno, Christian Eigner) – 04:52 . 7.Eternal (Martin L. Gore) – 02:25 . 8.Poison Heart (Dave Gahan, Peter Gordeno, Christian Eigner) – 03:17 . 9.So Much Love (Martin L. Gore) – 04:29 . 10.Poorman (Martin L. Gore) – 04:26 . 11.No More (This Is The Last Time) (Dave Gahan, Kurt Uenala) – 03:13 . 12.Fail (Martin L. Gore) – 05:07

Anton Corbijn‘>

Musicians : Depeche Mode – Band . Dave Gahan – Lead Vocals Except (7 – 12) . Martin Gore – Guitars, Keyboards, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals, Lead Vocals On (7 – 12) . Andy Fletcher – Keyboards, Synthesizers, Backing Vocals . James Ford – Drums, Pedal Steel Guitar On (6)

Production : Produced By James Ford . James Ford – Mixing . Matrixxman – Programming . Kurt Uenala – Programming . Jimmy Robertson – Engineer, Mixing . Connor Long – Assistant Engineer . Óscar Muñoz – Assistant Engineer . David Schaeman – Assistant Engineer . Brendan Morawski – Assistant Engineer . Brian Lucey – Mastering

Package : Anton Corbijn Anton Corbijn‘>asterisques RVM – Cover

Recorded April–August 2016 At Sound Design, Santa Barbara, California; Jungle City Studios, New York City, New York.

Released March 17, 2017 By Columbia / Mute.

Video Director(s) : Anton Corbijn Anton Corbijn‘>asterisques RVM for “Where’s The Revolution”

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music OMH
Track-By-Track: Depeche Mode – Spirit It’s certainly a politically engaged one, with serious attempts to tackle in broad brush strokes the politics of the age, even as every day they get stranger, but there’s space for relationship break-ups and even a lullaby of sorts too. […]

The Guardian
stripped back, amped up and angry Furthermore, on Spirit, the moments where inspiration dips are few, far between and swamped by those where Depeche Mode sound raw and alive and rigidly opposed to merely going through the motions. […]

The Clash
. But listen closely and something has altered; the bluesiness that seemed to dominate recent records is here transformed into a much more soulful sound, with Martin Gore’s guitar largely absent and Dave Gahan’s frontman swagger played down ever-so-slightly. […]


Columbia release ‘Spirit’ Depeche Mode’s fourteenth album (2017)


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