Dexter Gordon records for Blue Note ‘Our Man in Paris’ with Bud Powell et al (1963)

Dexter Gordon‘s ‘Our Man in Paris’ is an album recorded on May 23, 1963 in Paris, with Bud Powell, Kenny Clarke and Pierre Michelot and released the same year by Blue Note.


Dexter Gordon records for Blue Note ‘Our Man in Paris’ with Bud Powell et al (1963)

1 . Night In Tunisia (1964)

Track Listing : 1.Scrapple From The Apple (Charlie Parker) – 07:22 . 2.Willow Weep For Me (Ann Ronell) – 08:47 . 3.Broadway (Billy Byrd, Teddy Mcrae, Henri Woode) – 06:44 . 4.Stairway To The Stars (Matty Malneck, Mitchell Parish, Frank Signorelli) – 06:57 . 5.A Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Paparelli) – 08:15

Francis Wolff

Musicians : Dexter Gordon – Tenor Saxophone . Bud Powell – Piano . Pierre Michelot – Bass . Kenny Clarke – Drums

Production : Produced By Francis Wolff asterisques RVM Claude Ermelin – Engineer

Package : Francis Wolff asterisques RVM – Cover Photography . Reid Miles – Cover Design

Recorded On May 23, 1963 At Cbs Studios, Paris.

Released In 1963 By Blue Note.

(Source Dexter Gordon‘s ‘Our Man in Paris’ | Official Site)


Cosmik Debris
Our Man In Paris is like a pair of well worn jeans. Classic style along with familiar comfort. Great for any occasion. Dexter Gordon was one of the finest tenor saxophonists of the twentieth century and his Blue Note records are outstanding examples of his prime. So slip on your favorite jeans, slide into your favorite chairand reward yourself for a productive week with a listen to Our Man In Paris […]

The Viny District
Interestingly, the original plan for Our Man in Paris was to highlight Gordon’s new compositions with longtime cohort Kenny Drew (he served as the pianist on Daddy Plays the Horn) in the band, but when Bud walked in (sorry), the focus changed; at this point in his career, Powell reportedly refused to play new musi […]

The Guardian
Though the troubled genius Bud Powell sounds withdrawn, his ideas are concise and tellingand the whole set is a tenor-sax tour de force from a key figure bridging bebop and its swing predecessor. […]


Dexter Gordon‘s ‘Our Man in Paris’


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