Verve publish Diana Krall’s eleventh album : ‘Glad Rag Doll’ (2012)

Diana Krall’s ‘Glad Rag Doll’ is her eleventh studio (covering 1920s and 1930s jazz tunes) album released on October 2, 2012 by Verve Records..

Track Listing : 1.We Just Couldn’T Say Goodbye (Harry M. Woods) – 03:07 . 2.There Ain’T No Sweet Man That’S Worth The Salt Of My Tears (Fred Fisher) – 04:29 . 3.Just Like A Butterfly That’S Caught In The Rain (Mort Dixon, Harry M. Woods) – 03:43 . 4.You Know – I Know Ev’Rything’S Made For Love (Howard E. Johnson, Al Sherman, Charles Tobias) – 03:47 . 5.Glad Rag Doll (Milton Ager, Dan Dougherty, Jack Yellen) – 04:34 . 6.I’M A Little Mixed Up (Betty James, Edward Johnson) – 04:36 . 7.Prairie Lullaby (Billy Hill) – 04:22 . 8.Here Lies Love (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin) – 05:08 . 9.I Used To Love You But It’S All Over Now (Lew Brown, Albert Von Tilzer) – 02:50 . 10.Let It Rain (Hal Dyson, James Kendis) – 05:44 . 11.Lonely Avenue (Doc Pomus) – 06:57 . 12.Wide River To Cross (Julie Miller, Steven P. Miller) – 03:51 . 13.When The Curtain Comes Down (Carl Hoefle, Al Lewis, Al Sherman) – 04:52

Mark Seliger

Musicians : Diana Krall – Vocals, Piano . Bryan Sutton – Guitar . Colin Linden – Guitar . Dennis Crouch – Bass . Howard Coward – Guitar, Ukulele . Jay Bellerose – Drums . Keefus Ciancia – Keyboards . Marc Ribot – Banjo, Guitar, Ukulele

Production : Produced By Diana Krall, T-Bone Burnett . Bob Mallory – Engineer . Vanessa Parr – Engineer . Gavin Lurssen – Mastering . Mike Piersante – Editing . Tom Perme – Technician . Zachary Dawes – Mixing Assistant

Package : Colleen Atwood – Stylist . Christine Cantella – Style Assistant . Danilo – Hair Stylist . Edwin Fotheringham – Illustrations . Mark Seliger asterisques RVM – Photographer . Patti Dubroff – Make-Up

Recorded 2012.

Released On October 2, 2012 By Verve Records.


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Rediscovering Vaudeville in Glad Rag DollFor the jazz purist, this is not a typical record label release. This project is all Krall—her past influences, her present expression and her future vision, all wrapped up in one CD. She took time to put this together […]

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While this may not be a good reason to buy the album (or maybe it is), Diana Krall, at 48 years old (and a mother of two), looks incredibly sexy posed as a Ziegfeld girl on the cover. […]

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Diana Krall Sings With No Strings AttachedWhat does Ms. Krall’s father think of the album? “He likes it. Last week I was with him for four hours listening to stacks of old 78s. This album is who I am. It just took 40 years to make.” […]


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