Motown publish ‘Diana & Marvin’ by Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye featuring ‘You’re a Special Part of Me’ (1973)

‘Diana & Marvin’ by Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye is a duets album released on October 26, 1973 by Motown.


Motown publish ‘Diana & Marvin’ by Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye featuring ‘You’re a Special Part of Me’ (1973)

1 . Pays Tribute To Legendary Marvin Gaye, 1985

Track Listing : 1.You Are Everything (Thom Bell, Linda Creed) – 03:10 . 2.Love Twins (Mel Bolton, Marilyn Mcleod) – 03:28 . 3.Don’T Knock My Love (Wilson Pickett, Brad Shapiro) – 02:20 . 4.You’Re A Special Part Of Me (Harold Johnsonandrew Porter, Gregg Wright) – 03:35 . 5.Pledging My Love (Don Robey, Ferdinand Washington) – 03:34 . 6.Just Say, Just Say (Nickolas Ashford, Valerie Simpson) – 04:10 . 7.Stop, Look, Listen (To Your Heart) (Thom Bell, Linda Creed) – 02:53 . 8.I’M Falling In Love With You (Margaret Gordy) – 02:42 . 9.My Mistake (Was To Love You) (Gloria Jones, Pam Sawyer) – 02:55 . 10.Include Me In Your Life (Mel Bolton, Marilyn Mcleod) – 03:04

Musicians : Marvin Gaye – Vocals . Diana Ross – Vocals

Production : Produced By Hal Davis, Berry Gordy, Margaret Gordy, Bob Gaudio, Ashford & Simpson . Calvin Harris – Engineer . Art Stewart – Engineer . Russ Terrana – Engineer, Mixing

Package : Jim Britt – Photography

Recorded In 1972–1973 At Motown Recording Studios (Hollywood, California).

Released On October 26, 1973 By Motown.

(Source Diana Ross and Marvin Gaye – Diana & Marvin | A Diana Ross Tribute)

 Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


Lejink @ RateYourMusic
Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing unpleasant or objectionable here, but for an album of lovey-dovey duets, there is a distinct lack of passion on display. […]

Robert Christgau
And while I suspect it was Marvin who edged Diana into the warmest and loosest–and streetest–performance of her career, maybe it was just the proximity of “Pledging My Love.” […]

The highlights are the three singles (“You’re a Special Part of Me,” “My Mistake (Was to Love You),” “Don’t Knock My Love”), but even the weaker tunes are redeemed by the duo’s indelible chemistryand that’s the reason why it’s worth a listen. […]


‘Diana & Marvin’ by Diana Ross & Marvin Gaye | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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