Dianne Reeves begins the recording of ‘A Little Moonlight’ featuring Broadway standards (2002)

Dianne Reeves‘ ‘A Little Moonlight’ is an album featuring Broadway standards and recorded between December 4 and 10 2002 by Blue Note.


Dianne Reeves begins the recording of ‘A Little Moonlight’ featuring Broadway standards (2002)

1 . Reflections

2 . Skylark

3 . A Little Moonlight

Track Listing : 1.Loads Of Love (Richard Rodgers) – 04:24 . 2.I Concentrate On You (Cole Porter) – 05:20 . 3.Reflections (Jon Hendricks, Blue Mink, Thelonious Monk) – 05:12 . 4.Skylark (Hoagy Carmichael, Johnny Mercer) – 06:52 . 5.What A Little Moonlight Can Do (Harry M. Woods) – 06:21 . 6.Darn That Dream (Eddie Delange, Jimmy Van Heusen) – 04:46 . 7.I’M All Smiles (Herbert Martin, Michael Leonard) – 05:58 . 8.Lullaby Of Broadway (Al Dubin, Harry Warren) – 05:35 . 9.You Go To My Head (J. Fred Coots, Haven Gillespie) – 07:25 . 10.We’Ll Be Together Again (Carl T. Fischer, Frankie Laine) – 04:35

Clay Patrick Mcbride

Musicians : Gregory Hutchinson – Drums . Romero Lubambo – Guitar . Peter Martin – Piano . Nicholas Payton – Trumpet . Reuben Rogers – Bass

Production : Produced By Arif Mardin . Ted Jensen – Mastering . Michael O’Reilly – Engineer . Billy Childs Trio – Arranger

Package : John Gentry – Hair Stylist . Greenberg Kingsley – Design . Gordon Jee – Creative Director . Eric Spearman – Make-Up . Joe Williamson Iii – Stylist . Clay Patrick Mcbride asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded December 4-10 2002.

Released On August 19, 2003 By Blue Note.

(Source Dianne Reeves – A Little Moonlight | Official Website)

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Empathically supported by Dianne Reeves‘ working trio, every track showcases her exceptionally rich and lovely instrument. Although longterm fans may consider her a bit subdued, her soulfulness is very much in evidenceand her voice, as always, goes down like mulled wine. […]

All About Jaz
Quite simply, the album is about the stages of love and its myriad moments. With a clean crisp production by high flyer Arif Mardin, Reeves uses her ample voice to impart the right coloration to each drama. […]

Just the words from “I’m All Smiles” sets the mood for romance but add to that Dianne Reeves passionately singing and scatting this tune and it raises the romance to another level. This is my favorite track from her new Blue Note release, A Little Moonlight, which contains 10 songs drenched in love. […]


Dianne Reeves‘ ‘A Little Moonlight’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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