Dizzy Gillespie records ‘An Electrifying Evening with the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet’ live at MOMA in New York City (1961)

‘An Electrifying Evening with the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet’ is a live album recorded on February 9, 1961 at Museum of Modern Art in New York City and released the same year by Verve.

Track Listing : 1.Kush (Dizzy Gillespie) – 11:01 . 2.Salt Peanuts (Kenny Clarke, Dizzy Gillespie) – 07:08 . 3.A Night In Tunisia (Dizzy Gillespie, Frank Paparelli) – 06:46 . 4.The Mooche (Duke Ellington, Irving Mills) – 11:43

Herb Snitzer

Musicians : Dizzy Gillespie – Trumpet . Lalo Schifrin – Piano . Chuck Lampkin – Drums . Bob Cunningham – Double Bass . Leo Wright – Alto Saxophone, Flute . Candido Camero – Conga

Production : Produced By Charles Shwartz . Kevin Reeves – Mastering

Package : Ray Avery – Photography . Ralph J. Gleason – Liner Notes . Hollis King – Art Direction . Herb Snitzer asterisques RVM – Photography . Valerie Wagner – Artwork

Recorded On February 9, 1961 At Museum Of Modern Art, New York City.

Released In 1961 By Verve.


but it is “A Night in Tunisia,” with its absolutely stunning trumpet break (which lasts half a chorus), that is most memorable. […]

This 6/4 tribute is more exciting than an unexpected encounter with the Kushites’ worst nightmare, Conan the Barbarian. Dizzy kicks tush. […]

Miki @ Amazon
Mooche steals the showGood stuff – Dizzy’s style is, as always, raw and live. Not sure why Night in Tunisia is all the rage, coz for me the piano solo in Mooche is the insanest piece of music of all time, makes me want to scream, dance, laugh and jump all at the same time. […]


‘An Electrifying Evening with the Dizzy Gillespie Quintet’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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