Casablanca release Donna Summer’s second album : ‘Love to Love You Baby’ (1975)

Donna Summer’s ‘Love to Love You Baby’ is her second (and first to be released internationally) album released on August 27, 1975 by Casablanca.

Track listing : 1.Love to Love You Baby (Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer) – 16:50 . 2.Full of Emptiness (Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder) – 02:22 . 3.Need-a-Man Blues (Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder) – 04:30 . 4.Whispering Waves (Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder) – 04:50 . 5.Pandora’s Box (Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder) – 04:56 . 6.Full of Emptiness (Reprise)(Pete Bellotte, Giorgio Moroder) – 02:20 .

Musicians : Donna Summer – Vocals . Molly Moll – Guitar . Nick Woodland – Guitar . Pete Bellotte – Guitar . Dave King – Bass . Michael Thatcher – Keyboards . Giorgio Moroder – Keyboards, Percussion . Martin Harrison – Drums . Franz Deuber – String Session . Bernie Brocks – Percussion . Lucy, Betsy, Gitta – Backing Vocals .

Production Produced by Pete Bellotte . Giorgio Moroder – arranger, mix engineer . Michael Thatcher – string and horn arrangements . Mack, Hans Menzel – engineers .

Package : Stephen Lumel/Gribbitt! – art direction . Lazzaroni, Zill – photography .

Recorded May–June 1975 at Musicland Studios (Munich, West Germany) .

Released on August 27, 1975 by Casablanca.


Deisciobal@ RateYourMusic
More’s the pity, then, that the rest of the album isn’t really up to scratch. Need-a-Man Blues is quite good with a driving rhythm and lots of hushed emotion but the other four tracks left something to be desired. They weren’t bad by any stretch of the imagination but they can’t touch the title track. […]

The Quietus
From Rock’s Backpages: Donna Summer & The Story Of ‘Love To Love You Baby’“”So about a week later they sent me a 16 minute and fifty second version, which we put out as the entire A Side of the album. We released the album and within a week and a half it was a smash. It was just overnight. Starting right at the Discos” […]

Love to Love You Baby“‘s 16 minutes and 48 seconds of arousal and refill — ticklishly sensitive rhythm and fusion — threw disco into a tizzy overnight, but the tonally starved blues-of-isolation on the B-side isn’t to be missed, […]


Donna Summer’s ‘Love to Love You Baby’


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