(Don’t)Lie To Me

From ‘You Told A Lie’ to ‘Pra Que Mentir’ , we have mixed 18 ‘Jazz & Latin‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Lies & Liars‘. “(Don’t)Lie To Me” has Los Tres Diamantes, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole, Felipe Antonio and many more.

IMAGE : pinocchio Photo by lord enfield

Brazzil: For almost 20 years, starting at the beginning of the ’30s till the end of the ’40s, Silvio Caldas kept his songs on the hit parades. In 1935 he had “Minha Palhoça” (My Thatched Hut) by J. Cascata and “O Telefone do Amor” (The Love Telephone) by Benedito Lacerda and Jorge Faraj. In 1936, there were “Um Caboclo Abandonado” (An Abandoned Peasant), “Madrugada” (Dawn) both by Benedito Lacerda and Herivelto Martins and “O Nome Dela Não Digo” (Her Name I Won’t Say) by Sílvio Caldas and Orestes Barbosa.

Lucho Web : In early 1950, a young crooner named Lucho Gatica, stepped nervously in front of a microphone at Odeon’s recording studio in Santiago de Chile. He had achieved a modest popularity as a folk singer but now, for this recording session, the producers had agreed to let him try the more pop-oriented “boleros”. The session yielded several romantic songs that moved everyone present at the cold studio. They felt that something very special had taken place that day…

Amazon : Soneros de Verdad (Sounds of Cuba) is a full-length live performance featuring the stars of the Buena Vista Social Club including Pio Leiva, Guillermo Rubalcaba and Julio Fernandez that blends traditional Spanish sounds with fiery Afro-Cuban rhythms. Songs include: Chan Chan, Francisco Guayabal, Danzon y Son (instrumental), A Buena Vista Barrio de la Habana, Instrumental y Bolero, Pena me da, El Cuarto de Tula

Begona Bang on Myspace : Begoña was the first Spanish woman to sing classic ska. She combined Jamaican music with jazz, recording and performing with jazz project “JAZZ ENTRE DIVAS”. She’s been honored to play hundreds of gigs and meet many Jamaican artists, legends of Reggae and Ska.

Bluebeat Music : Think of Wilson Pickett or Otis Clay singing blues and that is the Johnny Sayles story. He was a contemporary of McKinley Mitchell who he shared labels with….high quality early soul from the ONE- DER-FUL label. KILLER DILLER!!!!!………………….

The Jazzinvaders : Club credibility comes from years of inspiration and hard work, and Phil Martin, the creative captain of the Jazzinvaders knows exactly how to get there. From his musical vision, the Jazzinvaders have already reached and touched so many musical lovers globally, from those who dare to go beyond the everyday club scenes, to those who look beyond the spectrum of jazz aficionados.

AllBrazilianMusic : Marcos Valle was born in Rio de Janeiro, and took piano and music theory lessons as a child. As he grew older, he developed a taste for live music at bars and clubs, where he’d listen to jazz. In 1961, Valle, Edu Lobo and Dori Caymmi grouped for a few presentations. With his brother, Paulo Sergio Valle, he wrote a number of hits and made his first album, “Samba Demais”, in 1964.

Solid! : Millionaire playboy and bandleader Charlie Barnet is one of the more colorful figures in jazz history. Nicknamed ”Mad Mab,” he was married more times than you can count on both hands. He was also a champion of racial equality, hiring many black singers and musicians at a time when other bands were segregated.

PLAYLIST : Johnny Sayles – You Told A Lie (2.30) . Orquesta Cosmopolita – Mentirosa (2.45) . Los Tres Diamantes – Mentirosa (2.27) . Charlie Barnet – The Great Lie (3.09) . Luis Frank Y Su Tradicional Habana – Mentiras (4.24) . Carlos Gardel – La Mentirosa (2.46) . The Jazzinvaders – Sea Of Lies (4.54) . Les Paul – Lies (2.35) . Nat King Cole – Who’s Telling You Lies (3.03) . Marcos Valle – Mentira (3.43) . Soneros De Verdad – Carinoso Si, Mentiros No (3.43) . Frank Sinatra & Tommy Dorsey – Love Lies (3.24) . Lucho Gatica – La mentira (3.06) . Louis Armstrong – Lyin to myself (3.13) . Felipe Antonio – La Mentirosa (2.41) . Begona Bang – Matu – The lies (5.25) . Oscar Peterson – Little white lies (3.07) . Paulinho Da Viola – Pra Que Mentir (2.45) .


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