The Doobie Brothers release their third album : ‘The Captain and Me’ featuring ‘Long Train Runnin’ (1973)

The Doobie Brothers‘ ‘The Captain and Me’ feat. ‘Long Train Runnin” is their third studio album produced by Ted Templeman and released on March 2, 1973 by Warner Bros.

Track Listing : 1.Natural Thing (Tom Johnston) – 03:17 . 2.Long Train Runnin’ (Tom Johnston) – 03:25 . 3.China Grove (Tom Johnston) – 03:14 . 4.Dark Eyed Cajun Woman (Tom Johnston) – 04:12 . 5.Clear As The Driven Snow (Patrick Simmons) – 05:18 . 6.Without You (John Hartman, Michael Hossack, Tom Johnston, Tiran Porter, Patrick Simmons) – 04:58 . 7.South City Midnight Lady (Patrick Simmons) – 05:27 . 8.Evil Woman (Patrick Simmons) – 03:17 . 9.Busted Down Around O’Connelly Corners (James Earl Luft) – 00:48 . 10.Ukiah (Tom Johnston) – 03:04 . 11.The Captain And Me (Tom Johnston) – 04:53

Musicians : The Doobie Brothers – Band . Tom Johnston – Guitars, Harmonica, Vocals . Patrick Simmons – Guitars, Vocals . Tiran Porter – Bass, Vocals . John Hartman – Drums, Percussion, Vocals . Michael Hossack – Drums, Congas, Cymbals, Timbales . Bill Payne – Piano, Organ, Keyboards . Jeffrey ‘Skunk’ Baxter – Guitar, Pedal Steel Guitar, Steel Guitar . Ted Templeman – Percussion

Production : Produced By Ted Templeman . Donn Landee – Engineer

Arrangements : Nick Decaro

Package : Barbara Casado – Design . John Casado – Design . Jill Maggid – Photography . Michael Maggid – Photography . Patrick Simmons – Art Direction . Ed Thrasher – Art Direction

Recorded 1972-3 At Warner Brothers Studios, North Hollywood, California.

Released On March 2, 1973 By Warner Bros..

(Source The Doobie Brothers – The Captain and Me | Official Site)

Doobie Brothers‘ ‘The Captain and Me’ feat. ‘Long Train Runnin” on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


Scott’s Rock and Soul Album Reviews
That said, now I really like this multi-sectioned opus, which completely changes gears at least a couple of times and which is a fine showcase for how capable and adaptable the musicians in the band were. […]

Classic Rock Review
Combined, this distinctive yet diverse record was their most substantial and consistent of their early years, offering differing sonic textures and enjoyable tunes for an overall fulfilling listen. […]

Rolling Stone c/o
Neither Johnston (who writes most of the songs) nor Simmons is more than adequate as a songwriter, and Johnston’s whiny and emotionally thin singing doesn’t do much to improve the material. […]


The Doobie Brothers‘ ‘The Captain and Me’ feat. ‘Long Train Runnin” on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]



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