Dubbing With The King

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Dubbing With The King

artists.dubroom.org : As a talented radio repairman, Tubby soon found himself in great demand by most of the major sound systems of Kingston, as the tropical weather of the Caribbean island, (often combined with sabotage by rival sound system owners) led to malfunctions and equipment failure.

Pathway To Unknown Worlds : Ruddy Redwood, a sound system MC and engineer at Treasure Isle, had taken the next logical step forward, physically remixing records in the rocksteady years to place the focus on the bass. King Tubby took this concept to a whole new level.

Perfect Sound Forever : King Tubby’s most interesting work, in my opinion, is that from the 1970’s. The systems were well enough in place to be consistent, but the recordings still retain the rough charm of tape-delay echoes, spring reverbs, and thick analog tape sound. I would argue, however, that you don’t have to listen to King Tubby to enjoy what he invented.

Dave Hendley & Ray Hurford : In that year’s rather unstable pre-election climate, Tubb’s system fell foul of the security forces. During a dance up country, the police stopped the proceedings, claiming they have no licence to play. A disturbance followed resulting in the over enthusiatic representatives of law and order shooting the amps and speakers to splinters.

uppity music : Dub was created in the late ‘60s by Jamaican producer King Tubby, who daringly dropped lead singers in and out of their own recordings while bathing instruments in milky delays and boxy distortion. It was an instant, massive hit and much pillaged sound.

Global Rhythm magazine : Soon Tubby noticed the effect that these versions had at dances, and began to experiment on his own. Using discarded test cuttings from recording sessions, Tubby took individual vocal and instrumental tracks, added reverb and echo, and then re-inserted them into the original song in new, unexpected ways.

All About Jazz : Funny enough, King Tubby (né Osbourne Ruddock) was wearing some downright silly crowns back in 1974 (a Burger King indeed, if you look closely). I guess he hadn’t yet established his reputation, which at this point is fundamental, monumental, and utterly essential. Those are the straight-up facts, and I dare you to disagree.

King Tubby on Wikipedia : King Tubby was shot and killed on February 6, 1989 by an unknown group of people outside his home in Duhaney Park, upon returning from a session at his Waterhouse studio. It is thought that the murder was probably an attempt at robbery.

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