Columbia tape ‘First Time! The Count Meets the Duke’ by Duke Ellington & Count Basie and their respective orchestras (1961)

‘First Time! The Count Meets the Duke’ by Duke Ellington & Count Basie is an album recorded on July 6, 1961, with their combined orchestras and released the same year by Columbia..

Track Listing : 1.Battle Royal (Duke Ellington) – 05:33 . 2.To You (Thad Jones) – 03:53 . 3.Take The A Train (Billy Strayhorn) – 03:46 . 4.Corner Pocket [Aka Until I Met You] (Freddie Green, Donald Wolf) – 04:53 . 5.Wild Man [Aka Wild Man Moore] (Duke Ellington) – 06:20 . 6.Segue In C (Frank Wess) – 08:22 . 7.B D B (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 04:43 . 8.Jumpin’ At The Woodside (Count Basie) – 03:09

Don Hunstein

Musicians : Count Basie – Piano . Duke Ellington – Piano . Count Basie Orchestra – Orchestra . Duke Ellington Orchestra – Orchestra . Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . Eddie Jones – Bass . Aaron Bell – Bass . Jimmy Hamilton – Clarinet . Sam Woodyard – Drums . Sonny Payne – Drums . Frank Wess – Flute, Sax (Tenor) . Freddie Green – Guitar . Billy Strayhorn – Piano . Russell Procope – Reeds, Sax (Alto) . Johnny Hodges – Sax (Alto) . Marshall Royal – Sax (Alto) . Harry Carney – Sax (Bass) . Charlie Fowlkes – Sax (Bass) . Frank Foster – Sax (Tenor) . Paul Gonsalves – Sax (Tenor) . Budd Johnson – Sax (Tenor) . Juan Tizol – Trombone . Benny Powell – Trombone . Henry Coker – Trombone . Lawrence Brown – Trombone . Quentin Jackson – Trombone . Thad Jones – Trumpet . Cat Anderson – Trumpet . Fats Ford – Trumpet . Lonnie Johnson – Trumpet . Snooky Young – Trumpet . Sonny Cohn – Trumpet . Willie Cook – Trumpet . Ray Nance – Trumpet, Violin

Production : Produced By Teo Macero – Producer Tim Geelan – Engineer

Package : Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . Aaron Bell – Liner Notes . Henry Parker – Cover Photo . Randall Martin – Design . George T. Simon – Liner Notes . Stanley Dance – Liner Notes . Don Hunstein asterisques RVM – Photography

Recorded On July 6, 1961 At 30Th Street Studio, New York.

Released 1961 By Columbia.


Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
Yep, the Ellington Orchestra and the Count Basie Orchestra, both playing the same tunes at the same time (Duke in the right channel, Count in the left). But rather than a battle of the bands with the musicians trying to cut each other, the session is designed for each band to show its strengths while complementing the other. […]

The unprecedented interweaving statements of Basie’s and Duke’s prime soloists, together with the supportive impact provided by their blended counterparts in the combined brass and reed sections, constitutes one of the rare pleasures of modern-day life. Only a fanciful meeting in 1940 of these two giants, […]

Put Ellington and Basie them together and you have this explosive disc, a great representative for big band swing at its peak. Ellington and Basie are playing the piano and their bands do the rest. These were BIG bands, counting about 16 members eachand they work wonderfully well together. This is not a battle between two bands one trying to get the upper hand over the other. […]


‘First Time! The Count Meets the Duke’ by Duke Ellington & Count Basie



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