Columbia record Duke Ellington and his band at the Newport Jazz Festival for ‘Ellington at Newport’ (1956)

‘Ellington at Newport’ is a live album by Duke Ellington and his band recorded on July 7, 1956 at the Newport Jazz Festival and released the same year by Columbia.

Track Listing : 1.Festival Junction (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 10:08 . 2.Blues To Be There (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 08:04 . 3.Newport Up (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 05:33 . 4.Jeep’S Blues (Duke Ellington, Johnny Hodges) – 05:12 . 5.Diminuendo And Crescendo In Blue (Duke Ellington) – 14:56

Arnold Newman

Musicians : Duke Ellington – Piano . Harry Carney – Baritone Sax . John Willie Cook – Trumpet . Paul Gonsalves – Tenor Sax . Jimmy Grissom – Voice . Jimmy Hamilton – Clarinet . Johnny Hodges – Alto Sax . Quentin Jackson – Trombone . William Cat Anderson – Trumpet . Ray Nance – Voice, Trumpet . Russell Procope – Alto Sax . John Sanders – Trombone . Clark Terry – Trumpet . James Woode – Bass . Britt Woodman – Trombone . Sam Woodyard – Drums

Production : Produced By George Avakian

Package : Arnold Newman asterisques RVM – photography . George Avakian – Liner Notes

Recorded On July 7, 1956 At The Newport Jazz Festival.

Released In 1956 By Columbia.


To Avakian’s clear recall, it was not Columbia that decided to re-record these selections because of faulty recording balance. Rather, it was Duke himself who wanted the band to have another chance at presenting itself in the best possible light. […]

The Guardian
50 great moments in jazz: Duke Ellington plays Newport jazz festival In an electrifying performance by the band, Gonsalves – who hadn’t played the piece in a whileand was initially uncertain of his way around it – played 27 improvised choruses in a raunchily R&B and gospel-inflected manner. […]

iawia @ RateYourMusic
But then it turned out that the album was a huge fake! “[It] had indeed been fabricated with studio performances mixed with some live recordings and artificial applause. Only about 40% of the 1956 recording was actually live.” […]


‘Ellington at Newport’



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