Duke Ellington records ‘Such Sweet Thunder,’ an album based on the work of William Shakespeare (1957)

Duke Ellington’s ‘Such Sweet Thunder’ is an album based on the work of William Shakespeare and recorded on August 7, 1956 and May 3, 1957.

Track listing : 1.Such Sweet Thunder (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 03:22 . 2.Sonnet for Caesar (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 03:00 . 3.Sonnet to Hank Cinq (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 01:24 . 4.Lady Mac (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 03:41 . 5.Sonnet in Search of a Moor (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 02:22 . 6.The Telecasters (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 03:05 . 7.Up and Down, Up and Down (I Will Lead Them Up and Down) (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 03:09 . 8.Sonnet for Sister Kate (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 02:24 . 9.The Star-Crossed Lovers (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 04:00 . 10.Madness in Great Ones (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 03:26 . 11.Half the Fun (Also known as Lately) (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 04:19 . 12.Circle of Fourths (Duke Ellington, Billy Strayhorn) – 01:45 .

Don Hunstein

Musicians : Duke Ellington – Piano . Jimmy Hamilton – Clarinet, Tenor Saxophone . Johnny Hodges – Alto Saxophone . Russell Procope – Clarinet, Alto Saxophone . Paul Gonsalves – Tenor Saxophone . Harry Carney – Bass Clarinet, Baritone Saxophone . Cat Anderson – Trumpet . Clark Terry – Trumpet . Ray Nance – Trumpet . Willie Cook – Trumpet . Quentin Jackson – Trombone . John Sanders – Trombone . Britt Woodman – Trombone . Sam Woodyard – Drums . Billy Strayhorn – Orchestration .

Production Produced by Irving Townsend .

Packaging : Irving Townsend – Liner Notes . Howard Fritzson – Art Direction . Don Hunstein asterisques RVM – Photography . Randall Martin – Design .

Recorded on August 7, 1956 and May 3, 1957 .

Released in April 1957 or May 1957 by Columbia.


For example, he thought that Lady Macbeth may have had a little ragtime in her. And for the Macbeth piece, he wrote some ragtime music. He places her in the turn of the century sound. […]

There’s something playful, even experimental about Such Sweet Thunder and for the most part this is delightful music, Strayhorn co-composes with no clear indication of who wrote what. The music rarely displays the rhythmic drive or the full big-band power of his 30’s or 40’s recordings but the band, never-the less, sounds exquisite and, to the initiated, beautifully intimate. […]

All of these, with the exception of one track of out-takes, are in stereo. Phil Schaap explains all of the technicalities of production in his thoroughly detailed notes. […]


Duke Ellington’s ‘Such Sweet Thunder’



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