RCA publish Eartha Kitt’s debut album : ‘That Bad Eartha’ featuring ‘Santa Baby’ (1953)

Eartha Kitt‘s ‘That Bad Eartha’ is her debut 12 vinyl studio album released in December 1953 by Rca Victor.


RCA publish Eartha Kitt’s debut album : ‘That Bad Eartha’ featuring ‘Santa Baby’ (1953)

1 . I Want To Be Evil

2 . I Want To Be Evil’ / Emotional Interview

3 . C´est Si Bon

4 . Black Little Angels

5 . Lesson In How To Play With The Camera, 1970

6 . Uska Dara’ (“Something Special,” 1967)

Track Listing : 1.I Want To Be Evil (Lester Judson, Raymond Taylor) – 03:31 . 2.C’Est Si Bon (Henri Bettiandré Hornez, Jerry Seelen) – 02:58 . 3.Angelitos Negros (Andrés Eloy Blanco, Manuel Alvarez Maciste) – 03:27 . 4.Avril Au Portugal (The Whispering Serenade) (Raul Ferrão, Jimmy Kennedy) – 02:53 . 5.Let’S Do It (Let’S Fall In Love) (Cole Porter) – 03:04 . 6.My Heart Belongs To Daddy (Cole Porter) – 03:01 . 7.Uska Dara (A Turkish Tale) (Traditional) – 03:08 . 8.African Lullaby (William Greaves) – 02:52 . 9.Mountain High, Valley Low (Bernie Hanighen, Raymond Scott) – 02:36 . 10.Lilac Wine (James Shelton) – 03:45 . 11.Under The Bridges Of Paris (Vincent Scotto, Jean Rodor, Dorcas Cochran) – 02:41 . 12.Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Jerome Kern, Otto Harbach) – 03:05

Musicians : Henri Rene – Orchestra Conductor . Henri René & His Orchestra – Orchestra

Production : Produced By Hugo Winterhalter, Joe Carlton . Stella Lee – Arranger

Package : Andy Morten- Artwork, Design . Nicole Garcia – Liner Notes

Recorded Between March And October 1953 At The Manhattan Center, New York And Rca Victor Studio No. 2.

Released In December 1953 By Rca Victor.

(Source Eartha Kitt – That Bad Eartha | Eartha Kitt Fan Club)

Eartha Kitt‘s ‘That Bad Eartha’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]’ />


It wasn’t accidental that the title of the album had quotes around it. And in the same way, her relatively limited vocal range didn’t matter because she acted her way through her performances as if they were short plays. […]

atomicWedgie @ RateYourMusic
I’m madly in love with the Eartha Kitt that made this record. Madly. Madly. Madly. OK, maybe not love . . . lust, then. I’m madly, madly in lust with the Eartha Kitt that made this record. I can’t take it anymore. I mean, look at the cover. My God. […]

Eartha Kitt‘s ‘That Bad Eartha’ | RVM [Radio.Video.Music]M


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