Motown Records publish Edwin Starr’s album : ‘War & Peace’ featuring ‘War’ (1970)

Edwin Starr‘s ‘War & Peace’ is an album featuring the hit ‘War,’ produced By Norman Whitfield and released on January 1, 1970 by Motown Records.


Motown Records publish Edwin Starr’s album : ‘War & Peace’ featuring ‘War’ (1970)

1 . War (1969)

2 . War (Live, 2001)

Track Listing : 1.War (Barrett strong, Norman Whitfield) – 03:12 . 2.Running Back And Forth (Richard Wylie, Edwin Starr) – 02:50 . 3.Adios Senorita (Sylvia Moy, Henry Cosby) – 02:31 . 4.All Around The World (Titus Turner) – 02:56 . 5.I Can’T Escape Your Memory (Ivy Hunter, Jack Goga) – 02:58 . 6.At Last (I Found Love) (Elgie Stover, Anna Gordy Gaye, Marvin Gaye) – 02:51 . 7.I Just Wanted To Cry (Johnny Bristol, Edwin Starr) – 02:59 . 8.Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head (Burt Bacharach, Hal David) – 03:15 . 9.Time (Richard Wylie, Edwin Starr) – 02:54 . 10.California Soul (Nick Ashford, Valerie Simpson) – 03:50 . 11.I Can’T Replace My Old Love (Harvey Fuqua, Arthur Scott) – 04:10 . 12.She Should Have Been Home (Johnny Bristol, Doris Mcneil) – 02:59

Musicians :

Production : Produced By Norman Whitfield . David De Pitte – Arranger . Henry Cosby – Arranger . Paul Riser – Arranger . Wade Marcus – Arranger . Willie Shorter – Arranger

Package : Curtis Mcnair – Art Direction . Hendin – Photography

Recorded 1969.

Released On January 1, 1970 By Motown Records.


. Of course, the big cut of this album was the rousing title track with its shouting chorus of “War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!” After that Starr lays down some really nice upbeat Soul numbers that range from the lushness of Running Back And Forth and At Last (I Found A Love), to tunes with a little more edge to them such as Adios Senorita and All Around The World. […]

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And that’s part of the problem with the parent album, 1970’s “War & Peace“. The leadoff single was so impressive, that no matter how good, everything else on the set was bound to pale in comparison. […]

Edwin Starr went from run-of-the-mill second-level act to hitmaker with this 1970 album, without question his finest. Norman Whitfield gave Starr the chance to cut a song that had been intended for The Temptations […]


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