Elis Regina & Antonio Carlos Jobim start the recording of ‘Elis & Tom’ (1974)

‘Elis & Tom’ by Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos Jobim is a bossa nova album recorded from February 22 till March 9, 1974 in Los Angeles and released the same year by Philips.

Track Listing : 1.Águas De Março (Antonio Carlos Jobim) – 03:32 . 2.Pois É (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chico Buarque) – 01:43 . 3.Só Tinha De Ser Com Você (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Aloysio De Oliveira) – 03:48 . 4.Modinha (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius De Moraes) – 02:16 . 5.Triste (Antonio Carlos Jobim) – 02:39 . 6.Corcovado (Antonio Carlos Jobim) – 03:56 . 7.O Que Tinha De Ser (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius De Moraes) – 01:43 . 8.Retrato Em Branco E Preto (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Chico Buarque) – 03:03 . 9.Brigas, Nunca Mais (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius De Moraes) – 01:39 . 10.Por Toda A Minha Vida (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius De Moraes) – 02:04 . 11.Fotografia (Antonio Carlos Jobim) – 02:46 . 12.Soneto De Separação (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius De Moraes) – 02:20 . 13.Chovendo Na Roseira (Antonio Carlos Jobim) – 03:11 . 14.Inútil Paisagem (Antonio Carlos Jobim, Aloysio De Oliveira) – 03:08

Musicians : Antonio Carlos Jobim – Piano, Vocals . Elis Regina – Vocals . César Camargo Mariano – Piano . Hélio Delmiro – Guitar . Oscar Castro-Neves – Guitar . Luizão Maia – Bass . Paulo Braga – Drums . Chico Batera – Percussion . Bill Hitchcock – Conductor

Production : Produced By Aloysio De Oliveira . Humberto Gatica – Engineer . Kevin Reeves – Mastering

Package : Isabelle Wong – Design . Neil Tesser – Liner Notes . Aldo Luiz – Design . Hollis King – Art Direction

Recorded From February 22 Till March 9, 1974 At Mgm Studios In Los Angeles, California, United States.

Released In 1974 By Philips.


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A true classic. One of the greatest albums ever made. Essential for any record collection. And that’s just me toning it down. Seriously, this is a strikingly great album. The first time I heard it, I remember saying that it was a bit overwhelming. […]

Jobim’s classic jazz ballad “Inútil Paisagem” is very difficult to deliver well, because it requires incredible restraint and emotion. Accompanied only by Jobim’s piano — and his all-but-whispered backing vocal — this is truly one of Regina’s greatest performances of the 1970s. It closes the album on a stunning high note, leaving nothing to be desired by the listener. […]

Elis Regina: The Feeling Between The Notes Her lazy, endlessly sloping phrases magnify the sometimes hidden shades of meaning in a lyric. She’s the rare singer who can conjure an ocean of love trouble in the space between C and C-sharp. […]


‘Elis & Tom’ by Elis Regina and Antonio Carlos Jobim on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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