Ella Fitzgerald records ‘Ella and Oscar’ with Oscar Peterson and Ray Brown, live in Los Angeles (1975)

Ella Fitzgerald’s ‘Ella and Oscar’ is an album recorded with Oscar Peterson and Ray Brown, on May 19, 1975 and released .the same year by Pablo.

Track Listing : 1.Mean To Me (Fred E. Ahlert, Roy Turk) – 03:30 . 2.How Long Has This Been Going On? (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin) – 04:59 . 3.When Your Lover Has Gone (Einar Aaron Swan) – 04:58 . 4.More Than You Know (Edward Eliscu, Billy Rose, Vincent Youmans) – 04:37 . 5.There’S A Lull In My Life (Mack Gordon, Harry Revel) – 04:58 . 6.Midnight Sun (Sonny Burke, Lionel Hampton, Johnny Mercer) – 03:40 . 7.I Hear Music (Burton Lane, Frank Loesser) – 05:12 . 8.Street Of Dreams (Sam M. Lewis, Victor Young) – 04:08 . 9.April In Paris (Vernon Duke, Yip Harburg) – 08:37

Musicians : Ella Fitzgerald – Vocals . Oscar Peterson – Piano . Ray Brown – Double Bass

Production : Produced By Norman Granz . Alan Yoshida – Mastering

Package : Norman Granz – Cover Design . Benny Green – Liner Notes

Recorded On May 19, 1975 At Cherokee Recording Studios, Los Angeles, California.

Released In 1975 By Pablo.


Norman Granz’s Pablo releases may not have achieved the iconic status of many of his Verve ones, but Ella and Oscar is an ideal representation of what Granz wanted to achieve with the label. Far from a nostalgia gambit, it’s a dignified, revelatory, highly-listenable statement from two greats who still Had It. […]

Ella and Oscar is a low-key album of small, quiet pleasures. Brown’s bass, while supportive, assumes a strictly supportive role during the second half. Essentially the record is a collection of beautifully delivered duets between two of the most distinctive voices in jazz history […]

Released in 1976, Ella and Oscar is one of those classic recordings, an album that’s as spare and intimate as any that the pair ever issued. In fact, the only other performer featured on this set is Peterson’s longtime bassist Ray Brown, whose contributions are minimal. […]


Ella Fitzgerald‘s ‘Ella and Oscar’ M



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