Polydor publish Eric Clapton’s seventh album : ‘Another Ticket’ (1981)

Eric Clapton‘s ‘Another Ticket’ is his seventh studio album released on February 17, 1981 by Polydor.


Polydor publish Eric Clapton’s seventh album : ‘Another Ticket’ (1981)

1 . Rita Mae

Track Listing : 1.Something Special (Eric Clapton) – 02:36 . 2.Black Rose (Troy Seals, Eddie Setser) (Eric Clapton) – 03:44 . 3.Blow Wind Blow (Muddy Waters) (Eric Clapton) – 02:58 . 4.Another Ticket (Eric Clapton) – 05:43 . 5.I Can’T Stand It (Eric Clapton) – 04:07 . 6.Hold Me Lord (Eric Clapton) – 03:27 . 7.Floating Bridge (Sleepy John Estes) (Eric Clapton) – 06:32 . 8.Catch Me If You Can (Gary Brooker, Eric Clapton) – 04:24 . 9.Rita Mae (Eric Clapton) – 05:03

Musicians : Eric Clapton – Guitar, Vocals . Chris Stainton – Keyboards . Albert Lee – Guitar, Vocals . Gary Brooker – Keyboards, Vocals . Henry Spinetti – Drums, Percussion . Dave Markee] – Bass Guitar

Production : Produced By Tom Dowd Michael Carnevale – Assistant Engineer . Tom Dowd – Engineer . Jon Walls – Assistant Engineer Air Studios . Kendal Stubbs – Assistant Engineer

Package : Rob O’Connor – Art Direction

Recorded In 1980 At Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas.

Released On February 17, 1981 By Polydor.

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Eric Clapton


Rolling Stone
As an artist often criticized for mellowing out, Eric Clapton‘ has succeeded in making very popular music from an authentic and deeply tragic blues sensibility. He addresses both the heart and the charts in the same way: with a bullet. […]

Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
But the rest is just cleanly performed, professionalizedand frankly boring soft rock that if anything regresses from Clapton’s 70s sound; the worst offender is the sleep-a-thon “Floating Bridge.” There’s even a prominent synth part on the title track, one of the better tunes but still over-long. […]

Twenty-eight years is a long time in the music world but Another Ticket stands the test of time well. His fans would embrace the album upon its release and it would quickly rise to number seven on the American charts […]


Polydor publish Eric Clapton’s seventh album : ‘Another Ticket’ (1981)

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