Eric Clapton releases his ninth album : ‘Behind the Sun’ featuring Lindsey Buckingham & Phil Collins as guests (1985)

Eric Clapton‘s ‘Behind the Sun’ is his ninth album featuring Lindsey Buckingham & Phil Collins as guests and released on March 11, 1985 by Duck / Warner Bros


Eric Clapton releases his ninth album : ‘Behind the Sun’ featuring Lindsey Buckingham & Phil Collins as guests (1985)

Track Listing : 1.She’S Waiting (Eric Clapton, Peter Robinson) – 04:55 . 2.See What Love Can Do (Jerry Lynn Williams) – 03:58 . 3.Same Old Blues (Eric Clapton) – 08:15 . 4.Knock On Wood (Eddie Floyd, Steve Cropper) – 03:19 . 5.Something’S Happening (Jerry Lynn Williams) – 03:23 . 6.Forever Man (Jerry Lynn Williams) – 03:13 . 7.It All Depends (Eric Clapton) – 05:05 . 8.Tangled In Love (Marcy Levy, Richard Feldman) – 04:11 . 9.Never Make You Cry (Eric Clapton, Phil Collins) – 06:06 . 10.Just Like A Prisoner (Eric Clapton) – 05:29 . 11.Behind The Sun (Eric Clapton) – 02:13

Musicians : Eric Clapton – Guitars, Vocals, Roland Guitar Synthesizer . Lindsey Buckingham – Guitar . Phil Collins – Synthesizer, Percussion, Drums, Background Vocals, Fender Rhodes, Simmons Drums . James Newton Howard – Synthesizer . Peter Manning Robinson – Synthesizer . Lenny Castro – Percussion . Ray Cooper – Percussion . Donald “Duck” Dunn – Bass . Nathan East – Bass, Background Vocals . Steve Lukather – Guitar . Michael Omartian – Synthesizer . Jamie Oldaker – Drums, Background Vocals . Jeff Porcaro – Drums On (2 – 6) . Greg Phillinganes – Synthesizer, Background Vocals . John “J.R.” Robinson – Drums . Peter Robinson – Synthesizer . Chris Stainton – Synthesizer, Piano, Organ, Fender Rhodes . Ted Templeman – Percussion . Shaun Murphy – Background Vocals . Marcy Levy – Background Vocals . Jerry Lynn Williams – Background Vocals

Production : Produced By Eric Clapton, Phil Collins, Ted Templeman, Lenny Waronker . Lee Herschberg – Engineer . Nick Launay – Engineer . Steve Jackson – Assistant Engineer . Mark Linett – Mixing

Package : Patti Clapton – Photography . Larry Vigon – Art Direction, Paintings

Recorded In 1984.

Released On March 11, 1985 By Duck / Warner Bros..

(Source Eric Clapton‘ – Behind the Sun | Official Website )

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BTS‘ target=’_blank’>Wilson & Alroy’s Record Reviews
The ploy worked: the up-tempo “Forever Man” was a Top 40 hit and indeed has good vocal and guitar hooks; “See What Love Can Do” got endless airplay despite merely sanitizing Clapton’s usual reggae shuffle formula; and James Newton Howard and Lindsay Buckingham guest on the flabby, generic “Something’s Happening.” But Clapton seems to have been so cowed by the experience that he lost interest in songwriting for more than a decadeand as a whole the album is aimless and impersonal. East stayed on for the next record. BTS‘ target=’_blank’>[…]

Scott’s Rock and Soul Album Reviews
Eric admits that he went out of his way to please his record company at the timeand the compromised Phil Collins dominated end result detracts from even the best songs here. Still, as previously mentioned, Clapton plays more guitar here than on any recent albumsand there are some very good songs, too, horribly recorded though they may have been. […]

Rolling Stone
Maybe that’s why he sounds so desperate and convincing, like a man who wants to jump not only out of his skin but right off the track, as he sings “Just Like a Prisoner.” For Clapton, there’s still time — and hope — for escape. […]


Eric Clapton releases his ninth album : ‘Behind the Sun’ featuring Lindsey Buckingham & Phil Collins as guests (1985)

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Eric Clapton‘s ‘Behind the Sun’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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