Eric Clapton releases his eighth album : ‘Money and Cigarettes’ (1983)

Eric Clapton’s ‘Money and Cigarettes’ is his eighth studio album released in February 1983 by Duck / Warner Bros.

Track Listing : 1.Everybody Oughta Make A Change (Sleepy John Estes) – 03.16 . 2.The Shape You’Re In (Eric Clapton) – 04.08 . 3.Ain’T Going Down (Eric Clapton) – 04.01 . 4.I’Ve Got A Rock ‘N’ Roll Heart (Steve Diamond, Troy Seals, Eddie Setser) – 03.13 . 5.Man Overboard (Eric Clapton) – 03.45 . 6.Pretty Girl (Eric Clapton) – 05.29 . 7.Man In Love (Eric Clapton) – 02.46 . 8.Crosscut Saw (R.G. Ford) – 03.30 . 9.Slow Down Linda (Eric Clapton) – 04.14 . 10.Crazy Country Hop (Johnny Otis) – 02.46

Musicians : Eric Clapton – Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals . Ry Cooder – Guitar . Albert Lee – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals . Donald “Duck” Dunn – Bass . Roger Hawkins – Drums . Chuck Kirkpatrick – Background Vocals . John Sambataro – Background Vocals . Peter Solley – Hammond Organ

Production : Produced By Tom Dowd & Eric Clapton . Michael Carnevale – Engineer . Steve Klein – Mixing Assistant

Package : Graham Hughes – Photography . Ian Murray – Design, Typography

Recorded Late 1982.

Released In February 1983 By Duck / Warner Bros..


Rolling Stone
Like most of Clapton’s recent solo records, Money and Cigarettes makes no claim to greatness. Still, the simple, unaffected blues power at work here is surprising and refreshing. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
31 Years Ago: Eric Clapton Releases ‘Money and Cigarettes’Throughout, though, he hadn’t played the guitar — Clapton’s principal claim to fame, then as now — with as much clarity and force since ‘Layla.’ A cover of ‘Crosscut Saw,’ the old hit for Albert King, is the grooviest thing we’d heard from him in perhaps at least that long. […]

Scott’s Rock and Soul Album Reviews
Alas, for whatever reason (pressure from his new record company for a more commercial product, perhaps?) Eric plays things much too safeand the inconsistent songwriting further hinders the process, resulting in a patchy, underwhelming album that lacks any truly classic songs and is therefore for hardcore Eric Clapton fans only. […]


Eric Clapton’s ‘Money and Cigarettes’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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