Erroll Garner records his album : ‘Concert by the Sea’ in Carmel, California (1955)

Erroll Garner‘s ‘Concert by the Sea’ is a live album recorded on September 19, 1955 in Carmel, California and released on October 13, 1955 by Columbia.


Erroll Garner records his album : ‘Concert by the Sea’ in Carmel, California (1955)

1 . Where Or When (1962)

2 . The Complete Concert By The Sea

3 . Mambo Carmel It’s All Right With Me

Track Listing : 1.I’Ll Remember April (Gene De Paul, Patricia Johnston, Don Raye) – 04:14 . 2.Teach Me Tonight (Sammy Cahn, De Paul) – 03:37 . 3.Mambo Carmel-By-The-Sea (Erroll Garner) – 03:43 . 4.Autumn Leaves (Joseph Kosma, Jacques Prévert, Johnny Mercer) – 06:27 . 5.It’S All Right With Me (Cole Porter) – 03:21 . 6.Red Top (Lionel Hampton, Ben Kynard) – 03:11 . 7.April In Paris (Vernon Duke, Yip Harburg) – 04:47 . 8.They Can’T Take That Away From Me (George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin) – 04:08 . 9.How Could You Do A Thing Like That To Me (Tyree Glenn, Allan Roberts) – 03:59 . 10.Where Or When (Richard Rodgers, Lorenz Hart) – 03:06 . 11.Erroll’S Theme (Erroll Garner) – 00:46

Musicians : Erroll Garner – Piano . Eddie Calhoun – Double Bass . Denzil Best – Drums

Production : Produced By George Avakian Larry Keyes – Engineer

Package : Stanley Dance – Liner Notes . Bruce Steinberg – Photography

Recorded On September 19, 1955.

Released On October 13, 1955 By Columbia.

(Source Erroll Garner – Concert by the Sea | Official Site)

Erroll Garner


All About Jazz
Garner transforms April in Paris, with his ornate introduction and idiosyncratic approach to the melody. I would imagine Franz Liszt playing standards this way. […]

The Wall Street Journal
Live performances gave Garner time to transform songs into wedding cakes of cascading melodies and rococo harmonies. Even on longer treatments, Garner was never dull or repetitive. […]

The Monterey County Weekly
“Neither Erroll nor his manager knew it was being recorded,” says Steve Rosenthal, a four-time Grammy Award-winning producer who remastered and re-released the classic jazz album for its 60th anniversary (which is this weekend). “It’s one of those fabulous stories where you catch lightning in a bottle.” […]


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