We remember Esther Phillips. ‘Esthernal’

This day (August 7, 1984), in Carson, California, died Esther Phillips, an American singer.


We remember Esther Phillips. ‘Esthernal’

Tracklist :

1 . What a difference a day makes

2 . Early In The Morning / Cherry Red (1984)

3 . Too Many Roads Between Us

4 . Lover Man

5 . You’re coming home (1975)

6 . Unforgettable (1976)

7 . w/ Cleanhead Vinson – Johnny Otis Show -Monterey (1970)

8 . And I Love Him (1966)

9 . Just Say Goodbye (1966)

Tracklist :

Home Is Where The Hatred Is . And I Love Him . What A Difference A Day Makes . Just Say Goodbye . Use Me . Release Me . If You Love Me . From A Whisper To A Scream . I Can Stand A Little Rain . Alone Again .


Wikipedia : This day (August 7, 1984), in Carson, California, died Esther Phillips, an American singer.

Esther Phillips @Soulwalking : Too old to be called Little Esther, she re-christened herself Esther Phillips, choosing her last name from a nearby Phillips gas station. A good example was a reworking of the John Lennon / Paul McCartney song, ‘And I Love Him’, a performance showcased on the television show ‘Around The Beatles’.

@allmusic : She was perhaps too versatile for her own good, at least commercially speaking; while she was adept at singing blues, early R&B, gritty soul, jazz, straight-up pop, disco, and even country, her record companies often lacked a clear idea of how to market her, which prevented her from reaching as wide an audience as she otherwise might have.

@last.fm : Her first hit record was Double Crossing Blues, recorded in 1950 for Savoy Records. After several hit records with Savoy, including her duet with Mel Walker on Mistrusting Blues, which went to number one that year, as did “Cupid Boogie”. Other Phillips records that made it onto the U.S. Billboard R&B chart in 1950 include “Misery” (number 9), “Deceivin’ Blues” (number 4), “Wedding Boogie” (number 6), and “Faraway Blues” (number 6).

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