Ev’ry Time She Sings Goodbye

From ‘Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye’ to ‘Pra Dizer Adeus (Time To Say Goodbye)’, we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz & Latin Musics‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Ladies Singing Goodbye‘. It has Sylvie Vartan, Leila Pinheiro, Rita Pavone, Marcia and many more.

IMAGE : /wave Photo by Hobvias Sudoneighm

JazzStandards.com: Being neither lyrically clever, nor musically complex, “Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye ” is almost a blank sheet from which each singer can emote. Whoever the performer, Porter’s genius always shines through….

JamsBio : A reader suggested I make a list of songs for saying goodbye. Never one to turn down a request, I started digging through my vast collection of vinyl, CDs, and MP3s to find my favorite farewell songs.

Mainspring Press : Ada Jones’ illustrated-song routines with the Edison Projectascope generated favorable publicity for that device in the press, quite possibly bringing her to the attention of Edison officials.

Pamela Luss : As famed showbiz personality Jerry Stiller told her, “You’re in great company: Billie, Ella, and Helen Humes. They all had soul and so do you. Thank you for changing my universe when you sing.”

Breath of Life : In printing there is a technique called blind emboss, the shape of the letters are pressed into the paper but no ink is used. It’s extremely subtle, sometimes hardly noticed. Imagine Braille but raised only to half height. Indeed, you can feel it better than you can see it. Laika Fatien is like that.

Accentonic Production : Doctor and musician, Katia Guerreiro is an unconventional Fado singer. During her studies, she goes on practicing music and enters a Fado Club to celebrate her diploma obtaining.

Delmark : Many great blues artists have come from the Texas area but, arguably, none so adorable as Ms. Bonnie Lee. With a career that has spanned more than fifty years, Lee stirs the mixture of jazz sophistication, deep rooted blues feeling and southern charm to come with a style that’s all her own.

Karrin Allyson : The classically trained Karrin Allyson is also a great bandleader – she is a musician’s musician. If you listen carefully, you will hear highly developed musical interplay with her band that sounds so effortless and natural that it conceals the deep level of musical sophistication.

PLAYLIST : Pamela Luss – Ev’ry Time We Say Goodbye (5.04) . Marcia – Nao Me Diga Adeus (3.07) . Laika Fatien – Just Say Goodbye (4.21) . Katia Guerreiro – Disse-te Adeus à Paretida, O Mar Acaba Ao Teu Lado (4.36) . The Carpenters – Goodbye To Love (3.56) . Jukia Zenko – Adios Nonnino (4.40) . Elis Regina – Adeus Amor (2.25) . Sylvie Vartan – Bye Bye Love (1.52) . The Chevells – It’s Goodbye (2.10) . Kathy Linden – Goodbye Jimmy, Goodbye (2.47) . Rita Pavone – Arrivederci Roma (3.20) . Mina – Good-Bye (2.54) . Nana Caymmi – Se é por falta de adeus (3.19) . Leila Pinheiro – Sem mais Adeus (3.13) . Bonnie Lee – Bye, Bye, Baby (4.07) . Karrin Allyson – Pra Dizer Adeus (Time To Say Goodbye) (4.46) . Maria Creusa – Eu disse adeus (2.50) . Astrud Gilberto – Tristeza (Goodbye Sadness) (3.35) . Ada Jones – Tata, Au Revoir (2.22) .


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