Capitol release Faith Evans’ fourth album : ‘The First Lady’ (2005)

Faith Evans‘ ‘The First Lady’ is her fourth studio album released on April 5, 2005 by Capitol.


Capitol release Faith Evans’ fourth album : ‘The First Lady’ (2005)

Track Listing : 1.Goin’ Out (Pharrell Williams, Terrence Thornton) – 04:06 . 2.Again (Faith Evans, Carvin Haggins, Ivan Barias, Venus Dodson, Jerry Harris) – 03:18 . 3.I Don’T Need It (Faith Evans, Carvin Haggins, Ivan Barias, Dexter Wansel, Cynthia Biggs) – 03:48 . 4.Stop N Go (Faith Evans, Carvin Haggins, Ivan Barias, Jay Shawn Smith, Johnnie Smith) – 04:15 . 5.Mesmerized (Faith Evans, Stephanie Johnson, Kameelah Williams, Todd Russaw, Chucky Thompson, Andre “Aj” Johnson, Homer Banks, Bettye Crutcher, Don Davis, Raymond Jackson, George Benson, Donald Sebesky) – 04:10 . 6.Tru Love (Jermaine Dupri, Johnta Austin, Bryan Michael Cox, Faith Evans) – 03:41 . 7.Jealous (Faith Evans, Carvin Haggins, Ivan Barias, Ben Briggs, Todd Russaw, Laura Barraza) – 03:28 . 8.Ever Wonder (Faith Evans, Mario Winans, Todd Russaw) – 03:38 . 9.Catching Feelings (Faith Evans, Briggs, Todd Russaw, Bryan Michael Cox, Patrice Stewart) – 04:39 . 10.Get Over You (Faith Evans, Carvin Haggins, Ivan Barias, Johnnie Smith) – 03:58 . 11.Until You Came (Faith Evans, Carvin Haggins, Ivan Barias, Jay Shawn Smith, Johnnie Smith) – 04:45 . 12.Lucky Day (Faith Evans, William Prince, Rodney Morgan, Harley White Jr., Douglas Antoine, Briggs, Michael Jamison) – 04:07 . 13.Hope (Carl Mitchell, Fredrick Taylor, Thomas Callaway) – 04:14

Sheryl Nields
Chris Robinson‘>

Musicians : Faith Evans – Vocals . Tony Aliperti – Guitar . Russ Brown – Guitar . Matt Cappy – Flugelhorn, Trumpet . Rod Morgan – Keyboards . William Rodney Prince – Percussion . Pusha T – Rap On (1) . Jay Shawn Smith – Vocals (Background) . Johnnie “Smurf” Smith – Keyboards . Twista – Rap On (13) . Harley White – Bass . Pharrell Williams – Vocals On (1) . Mario Winans – Bass, Vocals On (8)


Production : Produced By Mike Caren, Carvin & Ivan, Bryan Michael Cox, Jermaine Dupri, Faith Evans, Andre Johnsson, The Neptunes, Original Heads, Todd Russaw, Johnnie Smith, Chucky Thompson, Toxic, Mario Winans Ben Briggs – Engineer . Mike Caren – Engineer . Andrew Coleman – Engineer . Jermaine Dupri – Mixing . Bryan Ellis – Assistant Engineer . Serban Ghenea – Mixing . Carvin “Ransum” Haggins – Engineer . John Hanes – Digital Editing . Eric Hunter – Engineer . Ken “Duro” Ifill – Mixing . Manny Marroquin – Engineer, Mixing . Frank Sutton – Engineer . Phil Tan – Mixing . Brad Todd – Engineer, Mixing . Howard Willing – Engineer

Recorded .

Released On April 5, 2005 By Capitol.

Package : Eric Roinestad – Art Direction, Design . Rankin asterisques RVM – Photography . Sheryl Nields asterisques RVM – Photography

Video Director(s) : Chris Robinson Chris Robinson‘>asterisques RVM for “Again” . Bryan Barber for “Mesmerized” .

(Source Faith Evans‘ ‘The First Lady’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music] | The Official Site for Faith Evans)

Faith Evans


And before you even look at the cover, you inevitably come to the record with expectations. Maybe it’s a problem that the music itself could wind up secondary to its hype and packaging—or is music is strong enough to stand alone? […]

Slant Magazine
A decade later, Faith—newly self-anointed “The First Lady of R&B and Hip-Hop” and looking better than ever—is following suit with her first album sans Combs and his Bad Boy label. […]

The Guardian
The formula is similar to that established by Marvin Gaye‘s What’s Going On and Here, My Dear: supernaturally ghostly harmonies undercut by sweet but searing outbursts of emotion and revelation. […]


Capitol release Faith Evans’ fourth album : ‘The First Lady’ (2005)


Faith Evans‘ ‘The First Lady’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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