Fifty Sketches of Spain

From ‘Spain Intro’ to ‘Spanish Gypsy Dance’ , we have mixed 17 ‘Jazz and Spanish Musics‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Miles And Spain‘. It has Chick Corea, Banda Sinfonica Municipal de Madrid, Clark Terry & Chico Ofarrill, Jozsef Lendvai Csocsi and many more.

IMAGE : Local fair day, Baena, Andalucia, Spain, 1 October 2005 Photo by Phillip Capper

npr music: The mood that he establishes makes us feel like we’re on a hill in Andalusia, watching the goings-on’s of a gypsy camp. At the same time, there’s this cool-bop lyricism that’s all Miles Davis with its tone bubbles blasting around the place and all.

Jack Chambers : Evans worked on the “Concierto” score that fall pretty much alone. Unlike the two earlier collaborations, Sketches of Spain exists because Gil Evans took charge. …. So Evans stood his ground now, and the battleground was the longest and probably the most complex score he ever wrote. In the end, the results more than justified his faith in the score, but it was four more months before he returned to the studio to record the rest of the music for Sketches of Spain. : Sure enough some American critics and fans hated it from day one, using the “usual” intelligent argument: “This is not Jazz”. But Jazz it was, a magnificent new form of Jazz, where the lyrical composition and brilliant (and not less lyrical) interpretation by Miles just fit together like a dream.

All Music Guide : Eduardo Paniagua is among the more interesting musicians to have led dual careers: as a conductor, wind player, and percussionist he has received enthusiastic praise for his concerts and numerous recordings of music of Medieval Spain, but he is also quite an accomplished architect. One might further add businessman to his résumé, since he is the founder of the Spanish record label Pneuma.

Clark Terry : Clark composed more than two hundred jazz songs, and his books include Let’s Talk Trumpet: From Legit to Jazz, Interpretation of the Jazz Language and Clark Terry‘s System of Circular Breathing for Woodwind and Brass Instruments.

International Trumpet Guild : On February 14, 2010, the Spanish Brass Luur Metalls appeared in concert as part of a series promoted by a local classical music station in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Performing at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, the quintet opened with Batalla Imperial by Juan Bautista Cabanilles. In the piece, members enter the stage one at a time, playing a few measures of the melody.

Michel Camilo : To see him perform live is to witness the energy of a tropical storm being unleashed on 88 keys. Academy Award-winning filmmaker Fernando Trueba, who featured Camilo in his documentary film Calle 54, says: “Michel Camilo is one of the top all-around musicians. Whether it’s jazz, classical, Latin American music or film music, Michel is in his element. Every time I see him play, I feel like I’m witnessing a miracle.”

Mike Manieri : In 1962, he joined the ground-breaking jazz/rock group Jeremy & the Satyrs led by flutist Jeremy Steig. The Satyrs appeared at New York’s Club A-GoGo, and performed with such monumental figures as Frank Zappa, Richie Havens and Jimi Hendrix.

PLAYLIST : Michel Camilo & Tomatito – Spain Intro (6.57) . Miles Davis – Will O’ The Wisp (4.09) . Spanish Brass Luur Metalls – Danza Ritual del Fuego (5.09) . Eduardo Paniagua – Asher Lo Yam (Agua Y Fuego) (3.00) . Mike Manieri – Flamenco Sketches (3.32) . Clark Terry & Chico Ofarrill – Spanish Rice (4.14) . Al Di Meola – Spanish Eyes (3.49) . Banda Sinfonica Municipal de Madrid – Pablo Lalanda (4.10) . Miles Davis – Saeta (6.56) . Chick Corea – Flamenco (2.45) . Miles Davis – Solea (4.00) . Jozsef Lendvai Csocsi – Spanish Gypsy Dance (3.14) . Lester Young – In a Little Spanish Town (3.22) . Miles Davis – Siesta, Kitt’s Kiss Lost in Madrid, Pt. 2 (12.09) . Miles Davis – Blues For Pablo (4.59) . Billy Cobham – Spanish Moss (9.44) . Emile Carrara – El Trompeta Flamenco (1.48) . Carlos Rolan – En Un Pueblito De Andalucia (3.36) . Miles Davis – The Pan Piper (3.50) . Bobby McFerrin – Spain (3.08) .


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