Warner Bros. publish Fleetwood Mac’s thirteenth album : ‘Mirage’ featuring ‘Hold Me’ (1982)

Fleetwood Mac‘s ‘Mirage’ feat. ‘Hold Me’ is their thirteenth studio album, released on June 18, 1982 by Warner Bros..


Warner Bros. publish Fleetwood Mac’s thirteenth album : ‘Mirage’ featuring ‘Hold Me’ (1982)

1 . Love In Store (1982)

2 . Eyes of the World (1982)

3 . Eyes of the World

4 . Hold Me (Official Video)

5 . Gypsy (Official Video)

Track Listing : 1.Love In Store (Christine Mcvie, Jim Recor) – 03:14 . 2.Can’T Go Back (Lindsey Buckingham) – 02:42 . 3.That’S Alright (Stevie Nicks) – 03:09 . 4.Book Of Love (Lindsey Buckingham, Richard Dashut) – 03:21 . 5.Gypsy (Stevie Nicks) – 04:24 . 6.Only Over You (Christine Mcvie) – 04:08 . 7.Empire State (Lindsey Buckingham, Richard Dashut) – 02:51 . 8.Straight Back (Stevie Nicks) – 04:17 . 9.Hold Me (Christine Mcvie, Robbie Patton) – 03:44 . 10.Oh Diane (Lindsey Buckingham, Richard Dashut) – 02:36 . 11.Eyes Of The World (Lindsey Buckingham) – 03:44 . 12.Wish You Were Here (Christine Mcvie, Colin Allen) – 04:45

Steve Barron

Musicians : Fleetwood Mac – Band . Lindsey Buckingham – Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Lap Harp On (7) . Stevie Nicks – Vocals . Christine Mcvie – Keyboards, Vocals . John Mcvie – Bass Guitar . Mick Fleetwood – Drums, Percussion . Ray Lindsey – Guitar On (8)

Russell Mulcahy

Production : Produced By Fleetwood Mac, Richard Dashut, Ken Caillat Ken Caillat – Engineer . Richard Dashut – Engineer . David Bianco – Assistant Engineer . Carla Frederick – Assistant Engineer

Recorded 1981–82 At Le Château In Hérouville, France; Larrabee Sound Studios And The Record Plant (Both In Los Angeles, California); Mixed At George Massenburg Labs (Los Angeles, California).

Released On June 18, 1982 By Warner Bros..

Video Director(s) : Steve Barron asterisques RVM for “Hold Me” . Russell Mulcahy asterisques RVM for “Gypsy” .

(Source Fleetwood Mac – Mirage | Official Site)

Fleetwood Mac


While Tusk has grown on me over the years and Rumours has increased in brilliance, Mirage has remained the same. It is not an essential Fleetwood Mac release but it is pleasant, which probably defines its legacy. […]

A.V. Club
Compared to the elephantine dimensions of Tusk, Mirage is a mouse: meek, understated, and neatly contained. Then again, it was the start of the ’80s, and much of the excess of the ’70s had begun to be pulled back. That restraint suits Mirage well, especially on the song’s biggest hit, “Gypsy,” […]

Rolling Stone
On Mirage, Lindsey Buckingham once again reaches into his bag of magicianly production tricks and pulls out an elusive gem of a Fleetwood Mac record that, to borrow some lines from his own “Can’t Go Home,” has “a face as soft as a tear in a clown’s eye.” […]


Warner Bros. publish Fleetwood Mac’s thirteenth album : ‘Mirage’ featuring ‘Hold Me’ (1982)


Warner Bros. publish Fleetwood Mac’s thirteenth album : ‘Mirage’ featuring ‘Hold Me’ (1982)

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