Flora Purim records ‘500 Miles High’ live at the Montreux Jazz Festival (1974)

Flora Purim‘s ‘500 Miles High’ is a live album recorded on July 6, 1974 at the Montreux Jazz Festival and released the same year by Milestone.

Track Listing : 1.O Cantador (Dori Caymmi, Nelson Motta) – 05:09 . 2.Bridge (Flora Purim) – 01:45 . 3.500 Miles High (Chick Corea, Neville Potter) – 05:30 . 4.Cravo E Canela (Cinnamon And Cloves) (Ronaldo Bastos, Milton Nascimento) – 06:46 . 5.Bahia (Ary Barroso) – 04:20 . 6.Uri (The Wind) (Hermeto Pascoal) – 06:06 . 7.Jive Talk (Hermeto Pascoal) – 09:13

Musicians : Flora Purim – Guitar, Percussion, Vocals . David Amaro – Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric) . Ron Carter – Bass . Airto Moreira – Berimbau, Drums, Percussion, Vocals . Milton Nascimento – Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals . Pat Rebillot – Organ, Piano . Robertinho Silva – Berimbau, Drums, Percussion . Wagner Tiso – Organ, Piano

Production : Produced By Orrin Keepnews Kerry Mcnabb – Engineer, Remixing . Jim Stern – Engineer

Package : Phil Carroll – Cover Design . Tony Lane – Photography

Recorded On July 6, 1974 At Montreux Jazz Festival.

Released In 1974 By Milestone Records.

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Bristol Jazz Crew
One of Purim’s greatest records, her studio recordings are definitely to be investigated first, but this is a gorgeous and dancingly beautiful piece of the songstress in her prime and is essential for anyone who is bewitched by her other performances, either under her own name or with Chick Corea. ‘500 Miles High’ is perfectly gorgeous. […]

A walk on the wild side
Purim is a bit of an acquired taste. I think she sounds a bit screechy in that early 70s kitschy sort of way, but she employs it well on this album, able to scat jive with the driving Latin rhythm, her voice a complement to the groove, especially on the roasting last track, “Jive Talk.” […]

comusduke @ RateYourMusic
Dreamy Rhodes arpeggios and Airto chimes, introduce Flora’s silky voice “O Cantador”, over Ron Carter sparse double bass notes; tension slowly mounts with stronger chords and cymbals; […]


Flora Purim‘s ‘500 Miles High’ M


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