Atlantic publish Foreigner’s second album : ‘Double Vision’ featuring ‘Hot Blooded’ (1978)

Foreigner’s ‘Double Vision’ feat. ‘Hot Blooded’ is their second studio album produced By Keith Olsen and released on June 20, 1978 by Atlantic.

Track Listing : 1.Hot Blooded (Lou Gramm, Mick Jones)- 04:29 . 2.Blue Morning, Blue Day (Mick Jones, Lou Gramm)- 03:12 . 3.You’Re All I Am (Mick Jones)- 03:24 . 4.Back Where You Belong (Mick Jones)- 03:15 . 5.Love Has Taken Its Toll (Lou Gramm, Ian Mcdonald)- 03:31 . 6.Double Vision (Mick Jones, Lou Gramm)- 03:44 . 7.Tramontane (Instrumental) (Al Greenwood, Mick Jones, Ian Mcdonald)- 03:55 . 8.I Have Waited So Long (Mick Jones)- 04:06 . 9.Lonely Children (Mick Jones)- 03:37 . 10.Spellbinder (Lou Gramm, Mick Jones)- 04:49

Norman Seeff

Musicians : Foreigner – Band . Lou Gramm – Lead Vocals, Percussion . Mick Jones – Guitar, Backing Vocals, Piano, Lead Vocals On (4 – 8) . Ian Mcdonald – Guitar, Reeds, Keyboards, Backing Vocals . Al Greenwood – Keyboards, Synthesizers . Ed Gagliardi – Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals . Dennis Elliott – Drums, Backing Vocals . Ian Lloyd – Backing Vocals

Production : Produced By Keith Olsen Keith Olsen – Engineer . Randy Mason – Assistant Engineer . Jimmy Douglass – Mixing

Package : Norman Seeff asterisques RVM – photography, design

Recorded December 1977 – March 1978 At Atlantic Recording Studios.

Released On June 20, 1978 By Atlantic.


Don Ignacio’s Music Reviews
Foreigner were good for a lot of things. Most of all, it was sucking. But at least they could come out with noble hits from time to time, and Double Vision has two of them: the title track and “Hot Blooded.” The rest of the songs range from OK to ones that make me want to slowly commit suicide by standing in the middle of a driving range. […]
Maintaining the same, unique formula works quite well as Gramm’s vocals at times seem almost second nature and effortless. Among the iconic singles that this record produced are some memorable non-singles, such as “The Damage is Done” and “Headknocker.” Sit back and relax, because you have a treat on your hands. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
In fact, that cultural divide sometimes helped add to the songwriting mix. In the studio making ‘Double Vision,’ the band was stuck on one particular track until Gramm found some unexpected inspiration while watching a New York Rangers hockey game. […]


Foreigner’s ‘Double Vision’ feat. ‘Hot Blooded’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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