Warner Bros. publish Fourplay’s second album : ‘Between the Sheets’ (1993)

Fourplay’s ‘Between the Sheets’ is their second album released on August 17, 1993 by Warner Bros.

Track listing : 1.Chant (Bob James) – 06:24 . 2.Monterey (Lee Ritenour) – 06:12 . 3.Between the Sheets (Ernie Isley, Marvin Isley, O’Kelly Isley, Ronald Isley, Rudolph Isley, Chris Jasper) – 06:45 . 4.Li’l Darlin’ (Neal Hefti) – 05:16 . 5.Flying East (Marcel East, Nathan East) – 06:08 . 6.Once in the A.M. (Lee Ritenour) – 06:30 . 7.Gulliver (Bob James) – 06:48 . 8.Amoroso (Harvey Mason) – 05:48 . 9.A Summer Child (Lee Ritenour) – 05:33 . 10.Anthem (Harvey Mason) – 05:39 . 11.Song for Somalia (Harvey Mason) – 06:29 .

Musicians : Fourplay – . Bob James – Yamaha C7 Midi Grand Piano, Disklavier, Table Tennis, Various Synthesizers . Lee Ritenour – Gibson ES-335, Gibson L-5, Gibson Midi-Max Guitar Synthesizer, Roger Sadowski Electric/Classical Guitar . Nathan East – Yamaha LB1 5-String Bass, TRB 6-String Bass, Yamaha Fretless Bass, Fodera Fretless Bass . Harvey Mason – Gretsch Drums, Gibraltar Racks, Brady Snare Drums, Vic Firth Drums Sticks, Sabian Cymbals .

Production Produced by Nathan East, Harvey Mason, Lee Ritenour, Bob James . Neal Avron – Engineer . Marcel East – Engineer . Mike Kloster – Engineer . Don Murray – Engineer, Mixing . Mike Piersante – Engineer . Wally Traugott – Mastering . Robert Vosgien – Editing, Mastering .

Packaging : Kim Champagne – Art Direction . Stuart Walson – Photography .

Released on August 17, 1993 by Warner Bros.


Los Angeles Times
Fourplay is decidedly user-friendly. Just as such groups as Les McCann’s trio and George Shearing‘s quintet provided lightweight but very enjoyable selections during the ’50s and ’60s, Fourplay offers a distinctive yet unobtrusive assortment of mostly instrumental vehicles in the contemporary jazz and pop-jazz veins. […]

Their playing on this Warner Bros. release results in rather predictable background music, easy-listening crossover with touches of jazz heard in the melodic solos along with poppish R&B rhythms. […]

If you really can’t get enough of their Brazilian style, listen to Amoroso (off the 1993 album Between The Sheets) or Rozil (off Journey, 2004) if you prefer a slowed-down, gentler approach of the Brazilian topos. […]


Fourplay’s ‘Between the Sheets’ M


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