Frank Zappa releases ‘Jazz from Hell,’ an instrumental album (1986)

Frank Zappa‘s ‘Jazz from Hell’ is an instrumental album released on November 15, 1986 by Barking Pumpkin.


Frank Zappa releases ‘Jazz from Hell,’ an instrumental album (1986)

Track Listing : 1.Night School (Frank Zappa) – 04:47 . 2.The Beltway Bandits (Frank Zappa) – 03:25 . 3.While You Were Art Ii (Frank Zappa) – 07:17 . 4.Jazz From Hell (Frank Zappa) – 02:58 . 5.G-Spot Tornado (Frank Zappa) – 03:17 . 6.Damp Ankles (Frank Zappa) – 03:45 . 7.St. Etienne (Frank Zappa) – 06:26 . 8.Massaggio Galore (Frank Zappa) – 02:31

Greg Gorman

Musicians : Frank Zappa – Lead Guitar, Synclavier, Keyboards . Ed Mann – Percussion . Tommy Mars – Keyboards . Bobby Martin – Keyboards, Saxophone . Scott Thunes – Bass Guitar, Keyboards . Steve Vai – Rhythm Guitar . Chad Wackerman – Drums . Ray White – Rhythm Guitar

Production : Produced By Frank Zappa . Bob Rice – Computer Assistant . Bob Stone – Engineering

Package : Greg Gorman asterisques RVM – Cover Photo

Recorded 1985–1986 At 1985–1986 At Umrk (Except (7), 1982 At Palais Des Sports, St. Etienne, France).

Released On November 15, 1986 By Barking Pumpkin.

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After two decades of depending on the skills, virtuosityand temperament of other musicians, Zappa all but abandoned the human element in favor of the flexibility of what he could produce with his Synclavier Digital Music System. […]

Rolling Stone
Nevertheless, Jazz from Hell is the Present Day Composer’s most engaging and accessible serving of his singular serio-pop vision since Hot Rats. Listeners who deserted Zappa after his hard turn into scatological social protest should have no trouble putting aside their prejudices … […]
The sounds are fascinatingand you probably won’t hear them many other places. There is also one live, human played guitar solo-no doubt a breather Zappa put in for his more rock based fans. […]


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