Discreet publish Frank Zappa’s album : ‘Sleep Dirt’ (1979)

Frank Zappa‘s ‘Sleep Dirt’ is an album released (without his permission) on January 19, 1979 by Discreet.

Track Listing : 1.Filthy Habits (Frank Zappa) – 07:33 . 2.Flambay (Frank Zappa) – 05:02 . 3.Spider Of Destiny (Frank Zappa) – 02:54 . 4.Regyptian Strut (Frank Zappa) – 04:15 . 5.Time Is Money (Frank Zappa) – 02:52 . 6.Sleep Dirt (Frank Zappa) – 03:20 . 7.The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution (Frank Zappa) – 13:20

Gary Panter

Musicians : Frank Zappa – Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Synthesizer . Patrick O’Hearn – Bass Guitar . Terry Bozzio – Drums . George Duke – Keyboards, Vocals . Bruce Fowler – Brass . Dave Parlato – Bass Guitar . Ruth Underwood – Percussion, Keyboards . Chester Thompson – Drums . James Bird Legs Youman – Bass Guitar, Rhythm Guitar

Production : Produced By Frank Zappa Bob Stone – Mastering

Package : Gary Panter asterisques RVM – Art Director

Recorded December 1974 And 1976 At The Record Plant, La And Caribou Studios, Nederland, Colorado.

Released On January 19, 1979 By Discreet.

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Frank Zappa‘s Revenge
So my conclusion? I’m still sticking with my original opinionand that is overall, “Sleep Dirt” the album is just mediocre. It has three outstanding pieces that definitely project themselves beyond the other rather dull tracks. […]

fz fan @ Kill Ugly Radio
It took me a few listens to get into the vibe of the album. It’s one of Frank’s best and avant-garde discs (like most of his work). Thana Harris’ singing takes some getting used to, but the Hunchentoot material is really cool. It’s out there, but really special, because FZ never really got to put it totally together. […]

Ultimate Classic Rock
So, the seven-song set, as released, was both a compromise and a middle finger. With songs like the seven-minute opener ‘Filthy Habits’ and the 13-minute closer ‘The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution’ bookending the album, ‘Sleep Dirt’ doesn’t sound as disjointed as its origins let on. And the title track remains one of Zappa’s best instrumentals from the period. […]


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