FRE:SH GUITAR 01 (244 minutes – 5 Albums)

More than four hours of newly released guitar albums : Ray Riendeau Milos Karadaglic Hristo Vitchev Quartet Tungt Vatten

Ray Riendeau – Rhythmus

A collection of solo bass compositions played on a 4 string bass with absolutely no overdubs over percussion landscapes.

Milos Karadaglic – Blackbird

Recorded at Abbey Road”Blackbird” is an album tribute to The Beatles by the 33-year-old guitarist from Montenegro

Hristo Vitchev Quartet – In Search of Wonders

On First Orbit Sounds Music. The Hristo Vitchev Quartet is Hristo Vitchev , Jasnam Daya Singh ((guitar)), Dan Robbins (bass) and Mike Shannon (drums)

Tungt Vatten – st

Published on Jämmerdosa, “st” is the debut album by Tungt Vatten – that is Gustaf Lundh and Markus Pettersson. It is a take on lullabies, composed from improvised guitar duets and augmented with marimba, vibraphone and vocals? On Jammerdosa

Josh Maxey – Celebration of Soul

Celebration of Soul is the 10th album recorded in three years with 20 musicians documenting 50 original compositions. It is the first album to be released on Miles High Records

Credit : Over the Shoulder – Steven Tyler PJs

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