Westbound publish Funkadelic’s seventh album : ‘Let’s Take It to the Stage’ (1975)

Funkadelic’s ‘Let’s Take It to the Stage’ is their seventh album produced by George Clinton and released on April 21, 1975 by Westbound Records.

Track Listing : 1.Good To Your Earhole (George Clinton, Grace Cook, Fuzzy Haskins) – 04:34 . 2.Better By The Pound (George Clinton, Grace Cook) (Released As A Single-Westbound 5014) – 02:43 . 3.Be My Beach (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell) – 02:39 . 4.No Head No Backstage Pass (George Clinton, Ron Bykowski) – 02:40 . 5.Let’S Take It To The Stage (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Garry Shider) (Released As A Single-Westbound 5026) – 03:36 . 6.Get Off Your Ass And Jam (George Clinton) – 02:27 . 7.Baby I Owe You Something Good (George Clinton) – 05:48 . 8.Stuffs And Things (George Clinton, Grace Cook) – 02:14 . 9.The Song Is Familiar (George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Bernie Worrell) – 03:10 . 10.Atmosphere (George Clinton, Shider, Bernie Worrell) – 07:11

Pedro Bell

Musicians : Funkadelic – Band . ‘Cool’ Cal Simon – Vocals . C ‘Boogie’ Mosson – Vocals, Bass . ‘Sting’ Ray Davis – Bass Vocals . ‘Shady’ Grady Thomas – Genie Vocals . Clarence Haskins – Werewolf Vocals . George Clinton – Maggot Overlord . Calvin Simon – Congas . Bernie Worrell – Keyboards, Vocals . R Tiki Fulwood – Percussion . Eddie Hazel – Guitar . Michael Hampton – Guitar . Garry ‘Dowop’ Shider – Vocals, Guitar . Bootsy Collins – Vocals On (3)

Production : Produced By George Clinton . Jim Callon – Engineer . Jim Uitti – Engineer

Package : Pedro Bell asterisques RVM – Art Direction . Sir Lleb Of Funkadelia – Liner Notes

Recorded 1974 – 1975.

Released On April 21, 1975 By Westbound Records.

(Source Funkadelic’s ‘Let’s Take It to the Stage’ | George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic official website)


Let’s Take It to the Stage was part invitation, part challenge, part promise and all funk. It was the work of a group that had turned a corner, a combination of all the disparate aspects of Funkadelic’s music up to that point, the extended jams, aggressive guitars, smooth ballads, tight vocals, psychedelic flourishes, risqué sexual lyrics and dirty funk into the most concise songs they’d ever recorded. […]

However, this album possesess much more of a playful spiritand the music is indeed more eclectic, with heavier use of synths throughout. Bootst Collins, Eddie Hazel and George Clinton of course are all present. […]

One of Funkadelic‘s goofiest releases, Let’s Take It to the Stage also contains more P-Funk all-time greats as well, making for a grand balance of the serious and silly […]


Westbound publish Funkadelic’s seventh album : ‘Let’s Take It to the Stage’ (1975)

Thanks to the following musicians : David Caraccio . jonzoringo . Rich Tracey


Funkadelic’s ‘Let’s Take It to the Stage’


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