Funkadelic release their tenth album : ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ (1978)

Funkadelic‘s ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ is their tenth studio album released in September 1978 by Warner Bros.


Funkadelic release their tenth album : ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ (1978)

Track listing : 1.One Nation Under a Groove (George Clinton, Walter Morrison, Garry Shider) – 07:29 . 2.Groovallegiance (George Clinton, Walter Morrison, Bernard Worrell) – 07:00 . 3.Who Says a Funk Band Can’t Play Rock?! (George Clinton, Walter Morrison, Michael Hampton) – 06:18 . 4.Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis Enema Squad (The Doo Doo Chasers) (George Clinton, Garry Shider, Linda Brown) – 010:45 . 5.Into You (George Clinton, Walter Morrison, William Collins) – 05:41 . 6.Cholly (Funk Getting Ready To Roll!) (George Clinton, Walter Morrison, William Collins) – 04:27 .

Pedro Bell

Musicians : Funkadelic – Band . George Clinton – Vocals (Background) . Bootsy Collins – Bass, Drums, Percussion . Jeanette “Baby” Washington – Vocals (Background) . Bernie Worrell – Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals . Debbie Wright – Vocals (Background) . Jerome Brailey – Drums, Percussion . Garry Shider – Guitar, Vocals (Background) . Dawn Silva – Vocals (Background) . Calvin Simon – Percussion, Vocals . Grady Thomas – Vocals . Greg Thomas – Vocals (Background) . Rodney Curtis – Bass . Raymond Davis – Vocals (Background) . Ron Ford – Vocals (Background) . Mallia Franklin – Vocals (Background) . Mullin Franklin – Vocals . Lawrence Fratangelo – Drums, Percussion . Michael Hampton – Guitar . Tyrone Lampkin – Drums, Percussion . Bobby Lavis – Guitar . Bobby Lewis – Banjo . Lynn Mabry – Vocals (Background) . Walter “Junie” Morrison – Keyboards, Synthesizer, Vocals . Cordell Mosson – Bass, Vocals (Background) .

Production Produced by George Clinton . Pete Bishop – Engineer . Jim Vitti – Engineer . Michael Iacopelli – Engineer .

Package : George Clinton – Art Direction, Liner Notes . Sir Lleb of Funkadelia – Liner Notes . Ed Thrasher – Art Direction . Arpil Wildflower – Graphic Design . Pedro Bell asterisques RVM – Graphic Design .

Recorded 1977-1978 at United Sound (Detroit, Michigan), Monroe Civic Center (Monroe, Louisiana) .

Released September 1978 by Warner Bros.

(Source Funkadelic‘s ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ | George Clinton Parliament Funkadelic- official website)

One Nation Under A Groove, takes the title track and makes it the first commercial hit for the band. The song is a hand-crafted single, marked by an incredibly catchy bassline and hand claps instead of a snare drum. […]

So high you can’t still get over it. One Nation Under a Groove as a whole may not represent P-Funk’s greatest work, but it is certainly very memorableand acts as a perfect introduction to George Clinton’s freaky, funk-drenched alternative reality. […]

Really though, “Pledge a groovallegiance to the funk The United Funk of Funkadelica” says all that needs said. Also though, that bass is doing all the talking by the end. This ain’t no cheap, repetitive disco; that’s jazz worthy playing that will bear repeated listenings. […]


Funkadelic release their tenth album : ‘One Nation Under a Groove’ (1978)

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Funkadelic‘s ‘One Nation Under a Groove’


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