Concord publish ‘Virtuosi’ an collaboration album by Gary Burton & Makoto Ozone (2002)

‘Virtuosi’ by Gary Burton & Makoto Ozone is a collaboration album between the vibraphonist and the pianist released on March 12, 2002 by Concord.

Track Listing : 1.Le Tombeau De Couperin I-Prelude (Maurice Ravel) – 05:20 . 2.Excursions I, Opus 20 (Samuel Barber) – 05:37 . 3.Prelude Viii, Opus 32 (Sergey Rachmaninov) – 04:10 . 4.Milonga (Jorge Cardoso) – 06:10 . 5.Prelude Ii (George Gershwin) – 06:28 . 6.Sonata K20 (Domenico Scarlatti) – 06:39 . 7.Impromptu (Zez Confrey) – 06:09 . 8.Piano Concerto In F-Movement Iii (George Gershwin) – 06:23 . 9.Lakmé Medley: Berceuse/Duettino (Léo Delibes) – 010:32 . 10.Capriccio Ii, Opus 76 (Johannes Brahms) – 05:55 . 11.Something Borrowed, Something Blue (Makoto Ozone) – 06:16

Musicians : Gary Burton – Vibraphone . Makoto Ozone – Piano

Production : Produced By Gary Burton . Gary Burton, Makoto Ozone . George Horn – Mastering . Bill Scheniman – Engineer, Mixing

Arrangements : Gary Burton, Makoto Ozone

Package : Gildas Boclé – Photography . Gary Burton – Liner Notes

Recorded August 14 – October 15, 2001.

Released On March 12, 2002 By Concord.


Jazz In Japan
Of course, classical composers often improvised. The repeat signatures at the end of their manuscripts are evidence of that. But, without recordings, one can only imagine what they sounded like. […]

On some Virtuosi tracks it would be difficult for anyone unfamiliar with the original works to distinguish between the written and improvised sections. Ozone’s “Something Borrowed, Something Blue” is fully compatible with the classical pieces and indistinguishable from them in quality. […]

All About Jazz
That this music does not sound difficult or technical is due to the abilities of the players. Close listening to pieces like the Rachmaninoff “Prelude” gives the listener a clue to the enormous musicianship necessary to bring off music at this level. […]


‘Virtuosi’ by Gary Burton & Makoto Ozone on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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