George Harrison releases ‘Living in the Material World,’ his fourth album featuring ‘Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)’ (1973)

George Harrison‘s ‘Living in the Material World’ is his fourth studio album co-produced with Phil Spector on two songs and released on May 30, 1973 by Apple Records.


George Harrison releases ‘Living in the Material World,’ his fourth album featuring ‘Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)’ (1973)

1 . Give Me Love [Give Me Peace On Earth] (Live)

2 . Living In The Material World (The Making Of)

Track Listing : 1.Give Me Love [Give Me Peace On Earth] (George Harrison)- 03:36 . 2.Sue Me, Sue You Blues (George Harrison)- 04:48 . 3.The Light That Has Lighted The World (George Harrison)- 03:31 . 4.Don’T Let Me Wait Too Long (George Harrison)- 02:57 . 5.Who Can See It (George Harrison)- 03:52 . 6.Living In The Material World (George Harrison)- 05:31 . 7.The Lord Loves The One (That Loves The Lord) (George Harrison)- 04:34 . 8.Be Here Now (George Harrison)- 04:09 . 9.Try Some, Buy Some (George Harrison)- 04:08 . 10.The Day The World Gets ‘Round (George Harrison)- 02:53 . 11.That Is All (George Harrison)- 03:43

Tom Wilkes

Musicians : George Harrison – Vocals, Electric And Acoustic Guitars, Dobro, Sitar . Nicky Hopkins – Piano, Electric Piano . Gary Wright – Organ, Harmonium, Electric Piano, Harpsichord . Klaus Voormann – Bass, Standup Bass, Tenor Saxophone . Jim Keltner – Drums, Percussion . Ringo Starr – Drums, Percussion . Jim Horn – Saxophones, Flute, Horn Arrangement . Zakir Hussain – Tabla . John Barham – Orchestral And Choral Arrangements . Leon Russell – Piano On (9) . Jim Gordon – Drums, Tambourine On (9) . Pete Ham – Acoustic Guitar On (9)

Production : Produced By George Harrison .

Arrangements : John Barham

Package : Craig Baun – artwork . Tom Wilkes asterisques RVM – artwork

Recorded October 1972–March 1973; February 1971 At Apple Studio, London; Fpshot, Oxfordshire; Abbey Road Studios, London.

Released On May 30, 1973 By Apple.

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The effect of the album’s stripped-down sound is one of intimate petition rather than thunderous extravagance, noteworthy given the thematic similarities to its weighty predecessor. Both albums search and pine for spiritual transcendence, .. […]

This fact combined with the more insightful lyrics makes this album a much better window into George’s heart, soul, and humour than it’s predecessor. […]

Vintage Rock
. The quiet Beatle’s second album was more restrained and immediate without the wall of sound whitewash of its predecessor, but its flow and elegance are unmistakable. […]


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