Flying Dutchman publish Gil Scott-Heron’s debut album : ‘Pieces of a Man’ featuring ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ (1971)

Gil Scott-Heron‘s ‘Pieces of a Man’ is his debut studio album recorded on April 19–20, 1971 and released the same year by Flying Dutchman.


Flying Dutchman publish Gil Scott-Heron’s debut album : ‘Pieces of a Man’ featuring ‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ (1971)

Track Listing : 1.The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (Gil Scott-Heron) – 02:59 . 2.Save The Children (Gil Scott-Heron) – 04:55 . 3.Lady Day And John Coltrane (Gil Scott-Heron) – 03:10 . 4.Home Is Where The Hatred Is (Gil Scott-Heron) – 03:15 . 5.When You Are Who You Are (Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson) – 03:01 . 6.I Think I’Ll Call It Morning (Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson) – 03:45 . 7.Pieces Of A Man (Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson) – 04:22 . 8.A Sign Of The Ages (Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson) – 04:05 . 9.Or Down You Fall (Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson) – 03:08 . 10.The Needle’S Eye (Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson) – 04:01 . 11.The Prisoner (Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson) – 08:39

Chuck Stewart

Musicians : Gil Scott-Heron – Guitar, Piano, Vocals . Johnny Pate – Conductor . Brian Jackson – Piano . Ron Carter – Bass . Pretty Purdie – Drums . Burt Jones – Electric Guitar . Hubert Laws – Flute, Saxophone

Production : Produced By Bob Thiele Bob Simpson – Mixing

Package : Chuck Stewart asterisques RVM – Cover Photo

Recorded On April 19–20, 1971 At Rca Studios In New York City.

Released In 1971 By Flying Dutchman.

(Source Gil Scott-Heron – Pieces of a Man | Official Website)

Pieces of a Man is poignant, potent music – tight, propulsive jazz-funk bringing vividly to life the visions and confessions of a poet observing his country destroy and rebuild itself all at once. […]
It’s best to think of it in those terms, because if you take the last 8 tracks here as an album on their own, they stand up to anything Marvin or Sly put out during the same periodand I shouldn’t need to tell you how impressive an endorsement that is. […]

Gil Scott-Heron: More Than a RevolutionIt also served as a full-scale coming-out party for Gil the Singer. While his spoken voice was a powerful vehicle for both the language and political bluster of his time, there’s a stark fragility to Gil’s singing. […]


Gil Scott-Heron‘s ‘Pieces of a Man’ on RVM [Radio.Video.Music]


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