God Save the Queen

Starting and ending with ‘(God save) The Queen’ made famous by The SexPistols, we made a playlist powered by Hittin’Around. It has Rod Stewart, Jimi Hendrix, Cliff Richard, Mott The Hoople and many more.

IMAGE : Me with the Queen Photo by Danie van der Merwe

Sex Pistols Oficial: A&M Records became the Pistols’ new label, and their next single was to be ‘God Save The Queen’, John Rotten’s alternative National Anthem. To announce the A&M deal, the band staged a mock signing outside Buckingham Palace. However, after a drunken celebration at the A&M offices – and probably another mixture of cold feet – the band soon found themselves without a record deal yet again.

God Save the Sex Pistols : On June 4, 1976, four young men called the Sex Pistols took to the stage of a tiny upstairs hall in Manchester for a gig that, quite literally, changed the world. In front of a handful of people they played one of the most important live sets of all time.

Echoes Of The Past : Isle Of Wight Festival (where Jimi played the National Anthem) was the last music gathering of the 60’s.It marked the return of Jimi Hendrix in England after eighteen months.Three weeks later Hendrix died in London.

Mott The Hoople and Ian Hunter : But they (Mott the Hoople) couldn’t sell albums, and so after four crazed but poor selling albums they split, in March 1972. Long-time fan David Bowie pursuaded them to reform, offering them All The Young Dudes. Switching to CBS, and with Dudes a hit on both sides of the Atlantic, Mott finally found the success that had eluded them for so long. But the new musical direction didn’t rest easily with some band members,

Cozy Powell : His career not only spans three decades, it’s also one of the most diverse in rock. In the 1960’s, Cozy was a member of the Ace Kefford Stand; in the 70’s he was a session drummer for Mickie Most’s RAK label, which made Cozy a household name with the Dance With the Devil single; and in 1991, he turned up on Comic Relief’s No 1 single, “The Stonk”, with comedians Hale & Pace!

Johnny Kidd And The Pirates : The Pirates are slimmed down and re-organised into a trio, partly for economic reasons and partly because it looks and sounds good.  Then a song thrown together by the group in minutes for their next flipside becomes one of the iconic Rock ‘n’ Roll songs of the 20th Century….

Dave Clark Five : Here is where the genius that was Dave Clark started to flourish. Right from the beginning he held ownership of all the DC5 masters( finished recordings) and to this day is receiving royalties. Management was also an internal affair giving the band more control but also in some ways hurting them. Some people within the music business thought that this move may have shortened the life of the band but at the time it seemed to be the way to go for the DC5.

Wikipedia : In 1972, Brian Johnson formed the glam rock band Geordie. After a few hit singles, including “All Because Of You”, the band split up in 1978 then reformed in 1980. After signing a record deal, Johnson was asked to audition for AC/DC, whose charismatic frontman, Bon Scott, had died on February 19, 1980. A fan sent the band’s management a tape of Johnson performing with Geordie. With the support of his bandmates in Geordie, Brian Johnson joined AC/DC.

PLAYLIST : Jimi Hendrix – (God save) The Queen . Mott The Hoople – Rock And Roll Queen . Led Zeppelin – Rock And Roll . Cozy Powell – Whole Lotta Love . Cliff Richard – Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On . Johnny Kidd And The Pirates – Shakin’ All Over . Rod Stewart – It´s all Over Now . Dave Clark Five – Glad All Over . Deep Purple – So Glad . Deep Purple – Black Night . Geordie – Black Cat Woman . Joe Cocker – (That’s What I Like) In My Woman . The Beatles – Money (That’s What I Want) . Mickie Most & The Gear – Money Honey . The Yardbirds – Honey in your hips . The Yardbirds – I ain’t done wrong . Sex Pistols – Did You No Wrong . Sex Pistols – God Save the Queen .

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