Island publish Grace Jones’ sixth album : ‘Living My Life’ featuring ‘Nipple to the Bottle’ and ‘My Jamaican Guy’ (1982)

Grace Jones‘ ‘Living My Life’ is her sixth studio album (and the last of the three albums she recorded at the Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas) released on November 7, 1982 by Island.


Island publish Grace Jones’ sixth album : ‘Living My Life’ featuring ‘Nipple to the Bottle’ and ‘My Jamaican Guy’ (1982)

1 . My Jamaican Guy

Track Listing : 1.My Jamaican Guy (Grace Jones) – 06:00 . 2.Nipple To The Bottle (Grace Jones, Sly Dunbar) – 05:55 . 3.The Apple Stretching (Melvin Van Peebles) – 07:08 . 4.Everybody Hold Still (Grace Jones, Barry Reynolds) – 03:10 . 5.Cry Now, Laugh Later (Grace Jones, Barry Reynolds) – 05:00 . 6.Inspiration (Grace Jones, Barry Reynolds) – 04:35 . 7.Unlimited Capacity For Love (Grace Jones, Barry Reynolds) – 05:45

Jean-Paul Goude

Musicians : Grace Jones – Vocals . Wally Badarou – Keyboards . Mikey Chung – Guitar . Sly Dunbar – Drums, Syndrum . Ted Jensen – Mastering . Rob O’Connor – Design . Barry Reynolds – Guitar . Alex Sadkin – Organ . Robbie Shakespeare – Bass Guitar . Uziah Thompson – Percussion

Production : Produced By Chris Blackwell, Alex Sadkin . Benji Armbrister – Assistant Engineering . Michael Brauer – Mixing . Alex Sadkin – Engineering, Mixing . Steven Stanley – Engineering, Mixing

Package : Jean-Paul Goude asterisques RVM – Design, Photography . Trevor Rogers – Photography

Recorded .

Released On November 7, 1982 By Island.

Video Director(s) : Jean-Paul Goude asterisques RVM for “My Jamaican Guy”

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Grace Jone


ippudo @ RateYourMusic
Unfortunately, the final instalment of her Island trilogy falls well short of its predecessors. The chief culprit is the uninspired songwriting, which is generally more mainstream and should have been left in more capable hands. […]

Robert Christgau
I still don’t know why people get hot and bothered about Jones’s statuesque if not motionless voice, but that sure is one great disco bandand each album edges her a little closer to her material. […]

Uppity Music
My favorite song is the title track, which inexplicably was left off the album entirely and surfaced as a B-side years later. It’s mock-classical opening slow-ly-winds-up-the-gears-then-BANG […]


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