Greyboy Allstars – Inland Emperor

Inland Emperor’ is the new record by The Greyboy Allstars, their fourth studio album, their first in six years.


Los Angeles Times
The Greyboy Allstars return next week with ‘Inland EmperorIn the mid ’90s, there weren’t many safer bets on the West Coast for a raucous, funk-leaning good time than San Diego’s Greyboy Allstars.

Pardoned By Funk: The Greyboy Allstars’ Inland Emperor TourHoly crap. They Greyboy Allstars are BACK. Known for their potent individual abilities on each of their instruments, the five band members come together as one giant funk assault upon your senses, body and soul.

 All About Jazz.
Inland Emperor is a tantalizing listen in large measure for the way The Greyboy Allstars play off the various elements of their sound. The chanted vocals on Better Get A Jump On It sound like nothing so much as a comment on the playing of the band, here featuring slightly ambient interplay between Walters’ electric keyboards and Denson’s sax




Greyboy Allstars  – Inland Emperor


Track listing

1.Profundo Grosso (Michael Andrews / Karl Denson / Chris Stillwell / Robert Walter) – 03:53
2.Bitch Inside Me (Michael Andrews / Robert Walter) – 02:34
3.Multiplier (Robert Walter) – 04:35
4.Old Crow (Michael Andrews / Robert Walter) – 03:52
5.Bomb Pop (Michael Andrews / Karl Denson / Redfield / Chris Stillwell / Robert Walter) – 06:26
6.Better Get a Jump on It (Michael Andrews / Karl Denson / Redfield / Chris Stillwell / Robert Walter) – 03:36
7.Breaking Blood (Michael Andrews) – 03:35
8.Inland Emperor (Robert Walter) – 03:39
9.Wandering (Michael Andrews / Robert Walter) – 04:15
10.Diminishing Blackness (Michael Andrews / Chris Stillwell / Robert Walter) – 06:54
11.Trashtruck (Robert Walter) – 04:20


Greyboy Allstars
Karl Denson – Flute, Saxophone, Vocals
Aaron Redfield – Drums
Chris Stillwell – Bass, Vocals
Robert Walter – Keyboards
Elgin Park – Guitar, Vocals

John Bigham – Vocals on (2)
Davey Chegwidden – Percussion

Dave Cooley – Mastering
Steve Kaye – Engineer, Mixing
Dan Long – Engineer
Mickey Petralia – Mixing

Recorded at Elgonix Sound labs
Label MRI
(Source The Greyboy Allstars | Official Site)[/toggle]

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