Guitar Heroes

From ‘Wringin’ and Twistin” to ‘Make No Mistake’, we have mixed 19 ‘Jazz and Some Blues‘ tunes around the theme of ‘Jazz Guitarists‘. It has Lonnie Johnson & Eddie Lang, Eddie Lang & Carl Kress, George Barnes & Carl Kress, Big Bill Broonzy and many more.

IMAGE : Guitar Hero Photo by Spry

Red Hot Jazz : Eddie Lang led several dates of his own between 1927 and 1929, including an interesting session with King Oliver and Johnson, under the name of Blind Willie Dunn and his Gin Bottle Four.

Booze Bros Entertainment : It’s easy to blame “bad luck”-butin Snoozer’s case it really seemed tobe a plot of the gods to suppress hiswork. The fact is that he made eightsides for Victor in 1925. They werenever released, though documented,and nobody actually knows what hap-pened to them.

Classic Jazz Guitar : Known for his unorthodox tunings that created rich, full chords, unusual for the time, Kress was considered by his peers to be one of the important guitarists. He introduced a new style of playing rhythm guitar that clearly set him apart from his contemporaries and his move to the six string guitar probably encouraged others to make the same move.

MSN Music : With the premature death of Eddie Lang in 1933, Dick McDonough and Carl Kress were considered his likely successors both on jazz dates and in the studios. McDonough was already a very busy player. : Answers.comFloyd Smith covered much stylistic territory in his long and active career, starting out in wandering ’30s territory bands such as Eddie Johnson’s Crackerjacks and winding up smack in the middle of the disco era, playing an important part in the career of singer Loleatta Hollaway, whom he married

Eddie Durham : For John Hammond, Eddie recorded the Kansas City Five sessions featuring the electric guitar. He won the American Poll for his guitar solo on “Honey Keep Your Mind on Me” (Lunceford); he is inducted into both the NARAS and American Jazz Hall of Fame

All About Jazz : George Van Eps was a quiet legend among jazz guitarists, one who as far back as the 1930s pioneered a harmonically sophisticated chordal/lead style that was eclipsed in influence by the single-string idioms of Charlie Christian and Django Reinhardt.

Wikipedia : “There was music all around us,” Lonnie Johnson recalled, “and in my family you’d better play something, even if you just banged on a tin can.”[4]

PLAYLIST : Eddie Lang & Frankie Trumbauer Bix Beiderbecke – Wringin’ and Twistin’ (2.59) . Snoozer Quinn & Bix Beiderbecke – Futuristic Rhythm (2.56) . Big Bill Broonzy – Long Tall Mama (2.46) . Django Reinhardt – Swing De Paris (3.05) . Carl Kress & Dick McDonough – Heat Wave (2.25) . Floyd Smith & Wild Bill Davis – Make No Mistake (3.58) . Eddie Durham & Count Basie – Good Morning Blues (3.05) . George Van Eps – The Blue Room (2.12) . Lonnie Johnson & Eddie Lang – Handful of Riffs (3.07) . George Barnes & Carl Kress – Memories Of You (3.13) . Nick Lucas – Picking the Guitar (3.01) . Lonnie Johnson – Flood Water (2.43) . Freddie Green & Herb Ellis – Conversations (4.08) . Eddie Lang & Carl Kress – Pickin’ My Way (3.02) . Django Reinhardt – Oriental Shuffle (2.38) . Leadbelly – See see rider (2.55) . Charlie Christian – Deep sea blues (3.20) . Dick McDonough – Chasing a Buck (2.18) . Floyd Smith – Floyd’s Guitar Blues (3.05) .


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