Haiti Mizik Ye Jodia

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Haiti Mizik Ye Jodia

Kompa! Magazine : Goudougoudou [Goo-Doo-Goo-Doo] –noun Common name given to the 7.2 earthquake of January 12 and all the aftershocks experienced in Haiti. Goudougoudou is personified. Example: “Goudougoudou, kite’m dòmi aswè a tande papa.”

National Geographic : Named for their smaller size and the rage of fashions like the miniskirt, mini-jazz bands played a hotter version of compas for a generally younger, less gentrified crowd. Further melding of African traditions with European ones was heard in the rara style, a down-home music featuring bamboo horns and rustic percussion played to celebrate the end of the Catholic Lenten season.

Microfundo : In the same way that microfinance institutions are providing capital to entrepreneurs in developing countries around the world, Microfundo is enabling music fans to provide microfunding directly to Haitian musicians – creating work for displaced Haitian artists and long-term economic growth for the Haitian music community.

Helium : In the late 1970’s juveniles tired of the Duvalier dictactorship were trying out new ways of life. These years produced a particular music called Mizik rasin which incorporated different music styles such as reggae, rock and funk into traditional spiritual music. Known musicians of this music style are:Boukman Eksperyans and Boukan Ginen.

Marginal Revolution : The most comprehensive historic collection: Alan Lomax in Haiti, 9 CDs, of highly varying quality but always interesting. Best-known Haitian songstress: Emeline Michel, sometimes called the Joni Mitchell of Haiti.

kwabs.com : Aside of the creation of Compas Direct, Nemours Jean Baptiste introduced electric musical instrument in Haiti . Although he was criticized at that time by the purists who said that his musical ensemble was an electric power plant every Haitian musical group, including the very conservative Jazz des Jeunes, followed his example.

Haitian Music Industry : An artist in exile, Toto Bissainthe will be unable to return to the Haïti that so inspired her until the departure of Jean-Claude Duvalier in 1986. However, the multiple disappointments of the unending democratic transition and political infighting would forever embitter the outspoken artist, who had long dreamed of a return to help rebuild her motherland. Saddened by Haïti’s social and political degradation, Toto Bissainthe’s health would enter a downward spiral ending with her passing from liver damage on June 4th, 1994.

Haitian Ambiance : The European and the Zouk music Community came together for Haiti. I’am asking myself where is so call our music superstars, how come they still have not put something like this for our people.

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