Happy Thai Luk Thung

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Happy Thai Luk Thung

Haji-Maji : The huge success of some of the big stars of the 50s such as Waiphot Phetsuhan, Phloen Phromdaen and Suraphon Sombatchoroen inspired many rural people to dream of escaping poverty by becoming luk thung stars. Independent record labels proliferated and continued releasing luk thung 78s into the 1960’s.

PhuketWatch.com : Many of the most popular pleng luk thung stars have come from the central city of Suphanburi, including future megastar Pompuang Duanjan, who adapted pleng luk thung to 1980s string and pop music by making a dance-ready form called electronic luk thung

Rough Guides : According to luk thung DJ Jenpope Jobkrabunwan, the term was first coined by Jamnong Rangsitkuhn in 1962, but the first song in the style was Oh Jow Sow Chao Rai (Oh, the Vegetable Grower’s Bride), recorded in 1937, and the genre’s first big singer, Kamrot Samboonanon, emerged in the mid-1940s.

Monrakplengthai : In the mid-1960’s, Phongsi Woranut was battling with Suraphon Sombatcharoen (whose band she had recently departed) for domination of the pop scene in thailand.

Radiodiffusion Internasionaal Annexe : At the height of his fame, Suraphon was gunned down on stage during a show in Nakhon Pathom. The reason for his murder is unknown; some suspect a rival singer (of which there were many) or a jealous lover (of which, apparently, there were also many).

Here To Hear : Pumpuang Duangjan herself was an example of what is both exciting and tragic about the countryside in Thailand. She was an incredible singer with great style who inspired many people, but her formal education ended at the age of eight. She enjoyed the respect and adoration of millions, but died young in 1992 of a treatable disease.

Monrak luk thung on Wikipedia : With a hit soundtrack that features 14 luk thung (Thai country-folk music) songs that rhapsodize rural life in northeast Thailand, the story is about the romance between a peasant man (Mitr), and a young woman (Petchara) from a wealthy family.

thai-eyes : Cute Thai girl Kratae (real name: Namwannoi Sakboonwa) from Lampang, North Thailandhad to make a decision between Muay Thai Kick Boxing and Luk Tung.The beautiful and fragile looking Kratae challenged more than 40 Muay Thai fightsand just missed to be an international champion in 2003,while she lost the day against Isabe Watanabe, a Japanese Kick Boxer.

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