Hard & Metal New Music Videos – N°251

Here are the brand new hard rock, metal, etc. songs that caught, these past days, our aural interest and visual liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

54 . Bring Me The Horizon – Kool-Aid

Date Added : févr 29, 2024

Sheffield’s Bring Me the Horizon, formed in 2004, has metamorphosed from deathcore to a fusion of metalcore, pop, and hip-hop. Their journey, from “Count Your Blessings” to chart-topping “Amo,” echoes in their Kerrang! Awards and global acclaim.
Music video directed by : Masaki Watanabe – Song featured on the album : 𝙋𝙊𝙎𝙏 𝙃𝙐𝙈𝘼𝙉: 𝙉E𝙓 𝙂𝙀N

Pray For Plagues (2006)

53 . Accept – Humanoid

Date Added : févr 29, 2024

Accept, a German heavy metal band formed in 1976, pioneered speed and thrash metal. Known for “Balls to the Wall,” their influence spans Metallica to Guns N’ Roses. Their discography includes gold-certified albums and hits like “Balls to the Wall.”
Music video directed by : Grupa 13 – Song featured on the album : Humanoid

Balls To The Wall (2018)

52 . Six By Six – The Arms Of A Word

Date Added : févr 29, 2024

Six By Six, a progressive rock supergroup, features Ian Crichton, Nigel Glockler, and Robert Berry. Their debut album, released through InsideOutMusic/Sony Music, showcases their collective expertise in progressive rock, hard rock, and classical music.Song featured on the album : Beyond Shadowland

Yearning To Fly (2022)

51 . Myrath – Candles Cry

Date Added : févr 29, 2024

Tunisian progressive metal band Myrath, formed in 2001, blends Arabic/Middle Eastern instrumentation with metal. Albums include “Desert Call” (2010) and “Legacy” (2016). Known for “Tales of the Sands” and live album “Live in Carthage.” Their style and performances often include elements of magic and theatrics.
Music video directed by : Raf Reyntjens – Song featured on the album : Karma

Dance (2018)

50 . Knocked Loose – Blinding Faith

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

Kentucky’s Knocked Loose rose to prominence with their debut album “Laugh Tracks” (2016), solidifying their position in metalcore. Their sophomore release, “A Different Shade of Blue” (2019), further expanded their fan base. The band’s intense style and powerful lyrics have made them a force in the hardcore scene.
Music video directed by : Kevin Lombardo

Mistakes Like Fractures (2019)

49 . North Sea Echoes – Empty

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

North Sea Echoes, featuring Ray Alder and Jim Matheos from Fates Warning, released “Really Good Terrible Things.” This project blends melancholy with atmospheric soundscapes, showcasing their deep musical chemistry. Ray Alder and Jim Matheos are seasoned musicians with extensive careers in progressive metal.

48 . About Us – Fortitude

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

About Us, a hard rock band from Nagaland, India, gained popularity with their single “Gimme Gimme” (2021), showcasing their experimental approach. Their music blends hard rock with various influences, reflecting their diverse backgrounds.Song featured on the album : Take A Piece

Right Now (2022)

47 . Hypersonic – Mother Earth

Date Added : févr 28, 2024

Italian Melodic Power Metal band, Hypersonic, gained recognition with albums like “Fallen Melodies” (2011) and “Existentia” (2016), touring Europe extensively. With themes ranging from love to spirituality, their music resonates with metal fans worldwide. Song featured on the album : Kaosmogonia

Prayer In The Dark (2017)

46 . Alcest – L’Envol

Date Added : févr 27, 2024

Alcest, founded in 2000 by Neige, is a French band pioneering the blackgaze genre, merging black metal with shoegaze. Their discography includes influential albums like “Souvenirs d’un autre monde” (2007), “Écailles de Lune” (2010), and “Kodama” (2016). The band explores ethereal, spiritual themes inspired by Neige’s childhood visions.
Music video directed by : Yoann Lossel – Song featured on the album : Les Chants De L’Aurore

Protection (2019)

45 . Týr – Axes

Date Added : févr 27, 2024

Formed in 1998 in the Faroe Islands, Týr integrates metal with traditional Faroese folk music, creating a distinctive blend that explores Viking lore and mythology. Their albums, including “Hel,” feature a mix of power, doom, and progressive metal elements. Known for their lyrical themes rooted in Norse history, Týr employs traditional scales and time signatures, distinguishing their sound in the metal genre.

Ragnars Kvæði (2019)

44 . Witherfall – What Have You Done?

Date Added : févr 27, 2024

Witherfall from Los Angeles, formed in 2013, delves into heavy/progressive power metal. Founded by Joseph Michael and Jake Dreyer, they explore themes of sorrow and anxiety with albums featuring musicians like Alex Nasla and Marco Minnemann, contributing significantly to the metal genre.
Music video directed by : Bradford L Cooper

Tempest (2021)

43 . Vanden Plas – My Icarian Flight

Date Added : févr 27, 2024

Vanden Plas, a German progressive metal band formed in the mid-1980s, stands out for their complex compositions and conceptual storytelling. Key albums include “The God Thing” (1997) and “The Seraphic Clockwork” (2010), showcasing their blend of heavy, progressive, and symphonic metal.

Godmaker (2022)

42 . Art Of Anarchy – Die Hard

Date Added : févr 24, 2024

Art of Anarchy, a hard rock supergroup formed in 2011, features members like Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal and Jeff Scott Soto. Their albums include a debut with Scott Weiland and “The Madness” (2017) with Scott Stapp, showcasing their powerful rock music and musicianship despite lineup changes and challenges.
Music video directed by : Dale ‘Rage’ Resteghini

The Madness (2016)

41 . Amaranthe – The Catalyst

Date Added : févr 24, 2024

Amaranthe is a Swedish heavy metal band known for a dynamic blend of metal genres and distinct three lead vocalists.
Music video directed by : Patric Ullaeus – Song featured on the album : The Catalyst

365 (2018)

40 . Apocalyptica – The Four Horsemen (w/ Rob Trujillo)

Date Added : févr 24, 2024

Hailing from Helsinki, Apocalyptica fuses metal’s fire with classical cello elegance. Debuting with Metallica covers in 1996, they evolved to original works in “Reflections” and collaborations with Dave Lombardo and Ville Valo. “Worlds Collide” and “7th Symphony” further blend genres, forging a unique niche in both classical and metal realms.Song featured on the album : Plays Metallica Vol. 2

Nothing Else Matters (2014)

39 . Sonic Universe – I Am

Date Added : févr 24, 2024

Brand new supergroup, Sonic Universe gathers Corey Glover of Living Colour fame, alongside guitar virtuoso Mike Orlando from Adrenaline Mob. The lineup is completed with Taykwuan Jackson on drums, known for his work with Sworn Enemy, and bassist Booker King.
Music video directed by : Matt Ploeger – Song featured on the album : It Is What It Is

38 . Erra – Blue Reverie

Date Added : févr 23, 2024

Erra is a progressive metalcore band from Alabama known for their precision and adventurous sound. Their self-titled album “Erra” (2021) is their latest work. The band, with a history of lineup changes, consists of talented musicians. Erra‘s music blends technical proficiency, melodic intricacy, and lyrical depth.
Music video directed by : Orie Mcginness – Song featured on the album : Cure

Snowblood (2020)

37 . My Favourite Nemesis – We Annihilate

Date Added : févr 23, 2024

My Favourite Nemesis, a Finnish modern metal band, is set to release their EP “We Annihilate I” on April 26th through Seek & Strike. Following their second album “Eidolon,” the EP marks a shift towards more straightforward writing, with themes of war, greed, and mental issues. Featuring rougher, less polished sounds, it introduces a greater focus on clean vocal lines and melodies, particularly with Sanna’s involvement in vocal and lyric writing.
Music video directed by : Petri Inkinen

Decadence (2022)

36 . Illumishade – Riptide

Date Added : févr 23, 2024

Illumishade, a Swiss modern metal band formed in 2019, blends cinematic and progressive elements. Their debut album “ECLYPTIC: Wake of Shadows” (2020) received acclaim for its fantasy storytelling. Their latest album, “Another Side Of You” (2024), showcases a modern heavy sound.
Music video directed by : Mirko Witzki – Song featured on the album : Another Side Of You

World’S End (2020)

35 . Lords Of Black – I Want The Darkness To Stop

Date Added : févr 23, 2024

Formed in Madrid in 2014, Lords of Black is a Spanish metal band led by guitarist Tony Hernando and vocalist Ronnie Romero. Their debut album “Lords of Black” (2014) and “Icons of the New Days” (2018) highlight their power and progressive metal sound. Known for the track “Road of Resistance,” they’ve seen lineup changes, including the return of Romero in 2020.Song featured on the album : Mechanics Of Predacity

Sacrifice (2020)

34 . Rotting Christ – Like Father Like Son

Date Added : févr 21, 2024

Formed in 1987 in Athens, Greece, Rotting Christ is a pioneer in the Greek black metal scene, evolving from grindcore to a unique blend of gothic, death, and symphonic black metal. Notable albums include “Thy Mighty Contract” and “Theogonia”. Despite controversies over their name, they’ve remained influential, contributing to the “Mortal Shell” video game soundtrack.
Music video directed by : Vesa Ranta – Song featured on the album : Pro Xristou

Χ Ξ Σ (666) (2013)

33 . Shinedown – Black Soul

Date Added : févr 21, 2024

Shinedown, formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 2001, blends hard rock, post-grunge, and alternative rock. Achievements include the platinum-certified debut “Leave a Whisper” and double platinum “The Sound of Madness”, featuring hits like “Second Chance”.
Music video directed by : Bill Yukich

Sound Of Madness (2009)

32 . Crossfaith – Zero

Date Added : févr 21, 2024

Osaka-based Crossfaith, formed in 2006, merges metalcore with electronic elements, gaining international acclaim with albums like “Apocalyze” and “Xeno”. Known for energetic performances and tours, including appearances at the Vans Warped Tour, they’ve supported acts like Bring Me the Horizon.
Music video directed by : Takasuke Kato

Omen (2011)

31 . Svalbard – To Wilt Beneath The Weight

Date Added : févr 21, 2024

Bristol’s Svalbard, established in 2011, combines post-hardcore with elements of black metal and shoegaze, addressing themes like social injustice and mental health. Albums like “It’s Hard to Have Hope” and “The Weight of the Mask” explore personal and political issues. Their evolving sound includes more atmospheric and metal elements, with influences ranging from Alcest to Slipknot.
Music video directed by : Fraser West – Song featured on the album : The Weight Of The Mask

For The Sake Of The Breed (2022)

30 . High On Fire – Burning Down

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Formed in 1998, High on Fire, led by Matt Pike, won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance with “Electric Messiah.” Known for a mix of doom, stoner, and sludge metal, their acclaimed albums include “Snakes for the Divine” and “Luminiferous.”
Music video directed by : Lars Kristoffer Hormander

Rumors Of War (2007)

29 . The End Machine – Killer Of The Night

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

The End Machine, formed in 2018, is an American supergroup featuring George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, Steve Brown, and Girish Pradhan. Known for heavy metal and hard rock, they released “The End Machine” (2019), “Phase2” (2021), and “The Quantum Phase” (2024). Members Lynch and Pilson have backgrounds in Lynch Mob and Foreigner, respectively. The band’s sound echoes classic Dokken influences.
Music video directed by : Èric Boadella – Song featured on the album : The Quantum Phase

Alive Today (2018)

28 . Dragonforce – Wildest Dreams

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

DragonForce, a British power metal band founded in 1999, is known for fast guitar solos and fantasy-themed lyrics. Debuting with “Valley of the Damned” (2002), they gained mainstream success with “Inhuman Rampage” (2005) and the hit “Through the Fire and Flames.” Their style blends classic 80s rock with power metal, and incorporates video game elements in music and performances.

Through The Fire And Flames (2006)

27 . Deicide – Sever The Tongue

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Formed in 1987 in Tampa, Florida, Deicide is an influential American death metal band known for controversial lyrics and anti-Christian themes. Their albums “Deicide” (1990) and “Legion” (1992) have left a significant mark on the death metal scene, despite lineup changes over the years.
Music video directed by : David Brodsky – Song featured on the album : Banished By Sin

Homage For Satan (2006)

26 . Vitriol – He Will Fight Savagely

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Vitriol, an intense United States death metal band from Portland, Oregon, formed in 2013, is known for their ferocious themes of violence and pain.
Music video directed by : Mm Fabrications & Mark Blanchard – Song featured on the album : Suffer & Become

25 . Organectomy – Tracheal Hanging

Date Added : févr 19, 2024

Originating from Christchurch, New Zealand, Organectomy is a brutal death metal band founded in 2010 by Tyler Jordan. Their affiliation with Unique Leader Records and albums like “Domain of the Wretched” (2017) have solidified their position in the brutal death metal genre, characterized by visceral themes and technical proficiency.
Music video directed by : Matt Evamplieff

Concrete (2022)

24 . Alestorm – Voyage Of The Dead Marauder (w/ Patty Gurdy)

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Alestorm, from Perth, Scotland, pioneers “True Scottish Pirate Metal.” Blending folk, heavy metal, and pirate themes, they’re known for “Captain Morgan’s Revenge” and engaging live shows. Their music, featuring traditional instruments and sea shanty vibes, has garnered a dedicated global following.

Drink (2014)

23 . Whom Gods Destroy – Over Again

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Whom Gods Destroy, a progressive metal group, features Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses), and Dino Jelusick (Whitesnake).
Music video directed by : Wayne Joyner – Song featured on the album : Insanium

22 . Dominum – Rock You Like A Hurricane

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Led by singer, producer, and songwriter Felix Heldt, Dominum is an up-and-coming power metal band whose music often revolves around themes of the undead, zombies, survival, cannibals, and insatiable hunger.
Music video directed by : Vincent De Fallois – Song featured on the album : Hey Living People

21 . Before The Dawn – Archaic Flame

Date Added : févr 16, 2024

Before the Dawn, a Finnish band founded by Tuomas Saukkonen, blends melodic death and gothic metal. Known for albums like “Soundscape of Silence,” they”ve made significant chart impacts in Finland. Despite a hiatus, their 2023 return with “Stormbringers” marks a new chapter.

Deathstar (2010)

20 . Kittie – Eyes Wide Open

Date Added : févr 15, 2024

Canadian all-female metal band Kittie, formed in 1996, debuted with “Spit” (1999), reaching RIAA gold status. Known for evolving from nu-metal to traditional metal, their work includes “Oracle” (2001) and “Until the End” (2004). Kittie‘s own label released “Funeral for Yesterday” (2007), maintaining their impact in metal. They reunited for the 2022.

Brackish (2020)

19 . Imminence – Continuum

Date Added : févr 15, 2024

Imminence is a Swedish metalcore quintet from Trelleborg, signed to Arising Empire.
Music video directed by : Pavel Trebukhin

Infectious (2019)

18 . Harper – I Hope You Choke

Date Added : févr 15, 2024

Harper, an 11-year-old metal vocalist, gained fame with a cover of Spiritbox’s “Holy Roller” on “America’s Got Talent.” Her debut single, “Weight of The World,” showcases her metalcore prowess. Introduced to metal by her stepdad, Ben Lumber, Harper‘s viral AGT performance and collaboration with established artists signal her rising influence in metalcore.
Music video directed by : Zak Pinchin

Weight Of The World (W/ Dave Stephens) (2023)

17 . Unleash The Archers – Green & Glass

Date Added : févr 15, 2024

Canadian power metal band Unleash The Archers, formed in 2007, blends extreme and traditional heavy metal elements. Known for albums like “Apex” (2017) and “Abyss” (2020), their narrative-driven music and dynamic live performances have earned them a dedicated global fanbase. Winners of the 2021 Juno Award for Metal/Hard Music Album, their latest project is “Phantoma” (2024).
Music video directed by : Danny Gayfer & Adam Junio – Song featured on the album : Phantoma

Awakening (2017)

16 . Eidola – No Weapon Formed Shall Prosper

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Formed in 2011 in Salt Lake City, Eidola‘s music spans post-hardcore to experimental rock. Albums like “Degeneraterra” and “The Architect” showcase their diverse sound.
Music video directed by : Bryan Caudill – Song featured on the album : Eviscerate

Perennial Philosophy (2021)

15 . Sujin – Wasted Progress

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Sujin, a French band formed in 2023, blends melodic death metal and metalcore. Their debut album “Save Our Souls” tackles themes of environmental preservation.
Music video directed by : Julien Metternich – Song featured on the album : Save Our Souls

Bleeding Chains (2023)

14 . Borknagar – Moon

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Norwegian band Borknagar, formed in 1995, merges black, folk, and avant-garde metal. Their discography includes “The Olden Domain” (1997) and “True North” (2019). Notable for their thematic focus on philosophy and nature, they feature a blend of aggressive and melodic sounds.
Music video directed by : Costin Chioreanu – Song featured on the album : Fall

Up North (2019)

13 . Bloodorn – Under The Secret Sign

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Formed during the pandemic, Bloodorn merges extreme power metal with melodic catchiness. Influenced by bands like Gamma Ray, their music addresses themes from Norse mythology to oppression.
Music video directed by : Cécile Delpoïo, George Mylonas & Donato Salvini – Song featured on the album : Let The Fury Rise

Drive The Nail (2022)

12 . Nemophila – Raitei [Live]

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Nemophila, a Japanese all-female heavy metal band, has made a significant mark with their unique blend of metalcore and a ‘fluffy’ style. With albums like “Oiran: Extended Edition” and “Revive,” they’ve gained international recognition for their dynamic music.Song featured on the album : Evolve

「Oiran」 (2020)

11 . Avralize – Higher

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Emerging metalcore band Avralize, signed to Arising Empire, features Severin Sailer, Philipp Tenberken, Bastian Gölz, and Valentin Noack. Known for blending heavy and danceable elements, they’ve performed with Ghostkid and Novelists. Their single “Lotus” explores themes of transformation and personal growth in their unique metalcore style.
Music video directed by : Chris Hesse

10 . Another Day Dawns – On And On

Date Added : févr 13, 2024

Another Day Dawns, from Lehighton, Pennsylvania, has been a significant presence since 2010. Their EP “A Different Life” hit the Billboard charts, showcasing their post-grunge and heavy metal fusion.
Music video directed by : Cyrus Entezam – Song featured on the album : Finding Peace Through All The Noise

Taste Of Heaven (2019)

8 . Sonata Arctica – Dark Empath

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Sonata Arctica, from Kemi, Finland, is a power metal band known for albums like “Ecliptica” and “The Ninth Hour.” Their music combines power metal with progressive elements, marked by melodic compositions and complex arrangements.
Music video directed by : Miikka Lommi – Song featured on the album : Clear Cold Beyond

Paid In Full (2007)

7 . Exhorder – Forever And Beyond Despair

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Formed in 1985, Exhorder is an American thrash/groove metal band from New Orleans. Known for albums “Slaughter in the Vatican” (1990) and “The Law” (1992), they pioneered a groove-oriented thrash sound.
Music video directed by : Exhorder – Song featured on the album : Defectum Omnium

The Law (1992)

6 . Coldrain – Vengeance

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

With hits such as “Mayday,” and albums like “Vena” and “The Side Effects,” Coldrain, formed in Nagoya, Japan, in 2007, is a rock band that blends melodic singing with post-hardcore screams, all in English.
Music video directed by : Takasuke Kato

Gone (2015)

5 . Infected Rain – Lighthouse

Date Added : févr 12, 2024

Infected Rain, a Moldovan metal band, was formed in 2008 by guitarist Vadim “Vidick” Ojog, lead vocalist Elena Cataraga, also known as Lena Scissorhands, and DJ Ivan Kristioglo, known as DJ Kapa. Their musical style, encompasses nu metal and metalcore elements.
Music video directed by : Vadim Ojog – Song featured on the album : Time

Orphan Soul (2017)

4 . Lord Of The Lost – The Future Of A Past Life (w/ Marcus Bischoff)

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Led by its charismatic frontman, Chris Harms, Lord of the Lost, a German gothic rock band formed in 2007 in Hamburg, mixes heavy metal, industrial, gothic elements, and intense and theatrical style.
Music video directed by : Vdpictures – Song featured on the album : Blood & Glitter

Loreley (2018)

3 . Inner Axis – Master & Commander

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Inner Axis, a German heavy metal band from Kiel, merges classic heavy metal with modern elements. Since 2008, they’ve released albums like “Into The Storm” and “We Live By The Steel,” known for powerful riffs and melodic hooks.
Music video directed by : Jörg Tochtenhagen & Jörg Scheuer

Midnight Hunter (2021)

2 . My Dying Bride – Thornwyck Hymn

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

My Dying Bride, English doom metal pioneers since 1990, are known for their melancholic style. With albums like “Turn Loose the Swans” and “The Angel and the Dark River,” they’ve cemented their status in metal.
Music video directed by : Daniel Waverley Gray

Your Broken Shore (2019)

1 . Leaves’ Eyes – Who Wants To Live Forever

Date Added : févr 11, 2024

Formed in 2003 as a German-Norwegian collaboration, Leaves’ Eyes weaves symphonic metal with gothic and progressive elements. Notable for their “Beauty and the Beast” vocal style, they gained fame with albums like 2005’s “Vinland Saga,” inspired by Viking lore. The departure of original vocalist Liv Kristine in 2016 brought in Elina Siirala, marking a new era while maintaining their epic symphonic sound.
Music video directed by : Alexander Krull

Sign Of The Dragonhead (2017)

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