Hard & Metal New Music Videos – N°252

Here are the brand new hard rock, metal, etc. songs that caught, these past days, our aural interest and visual liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

51 . Unleash The Archers – Ghosts In The Mist

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Canadian power metal band Unleash The Archers, formed in 2007, blends extreme and traditional heavy metal elements. Known for albums like “Apex” (2017) and “Abyss” (2020), their narrative-driven music and dynamic live performances have earned them a dedicated global fanbase. Winners of the 2021 Juno Award for Metal/Hard Music Album, their latest project is “Phantoma” (2024).
Music video directed by : Ty Christian, Mary Sweeney & Ryan Rumpel – Song featured on the album : Phantoma

Awakening (2017)

50 . Vended – The Far Side

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Vended, an American heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa, formed in 2018, includes members Griffin Taylor and Simon Crahan. They debuted in 2020 and released the EP “What Is It//Kill It” in 2021, featuring singles like “Asylum.”
Music video directed by : Derek Rathbun

Panic Waves (2023)

49 . Aborted – Condemned To Rot (w/ Francesco Paoli)

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Belgian death metal band Aborted, formed in 1995, is known for albums like “The Purity of Perversion” (1999) and “ManiaCult” (2021). Led by vocalist Sven de Caluwé, they blend brutal and grindcore influences.
Music video directed by : Joey Durango – Song featured on the album : Vault Of Horrors

Vespertine Decay (2018)

48 . Our Promise – Hijack

Date Added : Mar 20,2024

Our Promise is an emerging German metalcore band based in Stuttgart.

Keeper (2024)

47 . Space Of Variations – Tribe

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

Space of Variations, from Ukraine, blends metalcore with genres like djent and hip-hop since 2009. Their album “Imago” explores themes of resilience and diversity, gaining acclaim for its emotive delivery. Touring with Jinjer and captivating audiences with their dynamic style, Space of Variations is recognized for their energetic performances and thought-provoking content.

Imago (2023)

46 . Dvne – Pleroma

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

Dvne, a Scottish progressive metal band, debuted with “Asheran” in 2017 and gained acclaim for “Etemen Ænka” in 2021 before winning “Best Metal Act” at the 2021 Scottish Alternative Music Awards. Inspired by sci-fi and fantasy, their music explores dark themes with a narrative depth.
Music video directed by : Victor Vicart – Song featured on the album : Voidkind

Sí-Xiv (2021)

45 . Korpiklaani – Oraakkelit

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

Formed in 2003, Finnish band Korpiklaani blends traditional folk with metal. Evolving from Shamaani Duo and Shaman, they”ve released albums like “Spirit of the Forest” and “Jylhä.” Their lyrics often explore themes of alcohol and partying, with songs typically in Finnish, reflecting their cultural roots.
Music video directed by : Vesa Ranta

Vodka (2009)

44 . Blind Channel – Where’s The Exit

Date Added : Mar 17,2024

Blind Channel represented Finland at Eurovision 2021 with “Dark Side,” achieving sixth place. Known for “violent pop,” their albums from “Revolutions” to “Exit Emotions” mix nu-metal with pop melodies.
Music video directed by : Joona Mäki

Bad Idea (2022)

43 . Nocturna – Strangers

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Nocturna, an Italian symphonic power metal band formed in 2021, gained attention for their debut album “Daughters of the Night”. Known for the dual frontwomen Grace Darkling and Rehn Stillnight, their music blends symphonic and power metal with dark fantasy themes. Highlights include “Blood of Heaven” and “The Trickster”.
Music video directed by : Matteo Circiello – Song featured on the album : Of Sorcery And Darkness

New Evil (2021)

42 . DragonForce – Burning Heart

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

DragonForce, a British power metal band founded in 1999, is known for fast guitar solos and fantasy-themed lyrics. Debuting with “Valley of the Damned” (2002), they gained mainstream success with “Inhuman Rampage” (2005) and the hit “Through the Fire and Flames.” Their style blends classic 80s rock with power metal, and incorporates video game elements in music and performances.
Music video directed by : Jake Johnston – Song featured on the album : Warp Speed Warriors

Through The Fire And Flames (2006)

41 . My Dying Bride – The 2nd Of Three Bells

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

My Dying Bride, English doom metal pioneers since 1990, are known for their melancholic style. With albums like “Turn Loose the Swans” and “The Angel and the Dark River,” they’ve cemented their status in metal.
Music video directed by : Daniel Waverley Gray – Song featured on the album : A Mortal Binding

Your Broken Shore (2019)

40 . Ulcerate – The Dawn Is Hollow

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Signed with Relapse Records, Ulcerate, from Auckland, New Zealand, pioneers in extreme metal since 2000, known for dense, dissonant death metal. Albums like “Everything Is Fire”, “The Destroyers of All”, and “Stare Into Death and Be Still” showcase technical brilliance and atmospheric depth.
Music video directed by : Dehn Sora – Song featured on the album : Cutting The Throat Of God

Dissolved Orders (2020)

39 . Elvellon – A Vagabond’s Heart

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Elvellon, a German symphonic metal band formed in 2010, debuted with “Spellbound” EP in 2015. Known for their orchestral sound, hard riffs, and Nele Messerschmidt’s vocals, they draw on themes of hope and dreams.

Born From Hope (2015)

38 . Kissin’ Dynamite – Raise Your Glass

Date Added : Mar 16,2024

Kissin’ Dynamite, a German hard rock band formed in 2006, known for albums like “Steel of Swabia” and “Ecstasy”, which hit #7 on the German charts. Their style, reminiscent of 80s rock and metal, features energetic performances and catchy anthems. “Not The End Of The Road”, their latest, showcases growth and ambition, produced by vocalist Hannes Braun.
Music video directed by : Mirko Witzki – Song featured on the album : Back With A Bang

Not The End Of The Road (2021)

37 . Marko Hietala – Left On Mars (w/ Tarja Turunen)

Date Added : Mar 14,2024

Marko Tapani Hietala, born in Finland (1966), is a celebrated heavy metal vocalist, bassist, and songwriter. Co-founder of Tarot and a key member of Nightwish, his deep voice and compositions have significantly influenced the genre. His career includes collaborations with Sinergy, Northern Kings, and Raskasta Joulua.

Dead God’S Son (2022)

36 . Angra – Here In The Now (w/ Vanessa Moreno)

Date Added : Mar 14,2024

Since their formation in São Paulo in 1991, Angra, a Brazilian power metal band, has been renowned for their skillful blend of traditional Brazilian music with classic power metal.
Music video directed by : Rapha Moraes – Song featured on the album : Cycles Of Pain

Carry On (1993)

35 . Gatecreeper – The Black Curtain

Date Added : Mar 14,2024

Formed in 2013 in Phoenix, Arizona, Gatecreeper is an American death metal band known for albums like “Sonoran Depravation” (2016). Their music, exploring themes like substance abuse and death, combines Swedish death metal’s intensity with a unique twist.
Music video directed by : Max Moore – Song featured on the album : Dark Superstition

From The Ashes (2019)

34 . Peyton Parrish – Last Night Alive

Date Added : Mar 14,2024

Peyton Parrish, a Washington, D.C.-born singer, captivates audiences with his Viking-inspired country, metalcore, and post-grunge music.

Valhalla Calling (2021)

33 . Pain – Go With The Flow

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

Pain, created by Peter Tägtgren in Sweden, blends heavy metal with electronic music. Known for albums like “Nothing Remains the Same,” Pain has achieved Gold status in Sweden and is celebrated for hits like “Shut Your Mouth,” showcasing Tägtgren’s innovative fusion of genres.Song featured on the album : I Am

Party In My Head (2021)

32 . The Plot In You – Don’t Look Away

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

The Plot in You, an American metalcore band from Ohio, began in 2010 with Landon Tewers. They are known for albums like “Could You Watch Your Children Burn,” “Happiness in Self Destruction,” and “Dispose,” showcasing a mix of metalcore, post-hardcore, and alternative metal.
Music video directed by : George Gallardo Kattah

Feel Nothing (2017)

31 . Jeris Johnson – John

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

Jeris Johnson has made a mark with his pop-rock blend, gaining popularity through TikTok. His collaboration with Chad Kroeger on “damn!” exemplifies his genre-blending talent.

Kryptonite (2022)

30 . Fleshgod Apocalypse – Pendulum

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

Fleshgod Apocalypse, from Rome, Italy, is known for merging symphonic elements with death metal. Albums like “Oracles” and “Agony” have solidified their status in the metal scene, with “Veleno” being recognized among the best metal albums of 2019.
Music video directed by : Martina L. Mclean

The Violation (2011)

29 . High On Fire – Burning Down

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

Formed in 1998, High on Fire, led by Matt Pike, won a Grammy for Best Metal Performance with “Electric Messiah.” Known for a mix of doom, stoner, and sludge metal, their acclaimed albums include “Snakes for the Divine” and “Luminiferous.”
Music video directed by : Jason Zucco

Rumors Of War (2007)

28 . Like Moths To Flames – Kintsugi

Date Added : Mar 10,2024

Like Moths To Flames, an American metalcore band, has evolved through albums like “When We Don’t Exist” and “No Eternity in Gold.” Their heavy yet melodic style continues to resonate within the metalcore genre, as seen with their upcoming album “The Cycles of Trying to Cope.”
Music video directed by : Chris Klumpp – Song featured on the album : The Cycles Of Trying To Cope

Selective Sacrifice (2020)

27 . Judas Priest – Invincible Shield

Date Added : Mar 9,2024

Known for their twin guitar attacks and Rob Halford’s soaring vocals, Judas Priest, the British heavy metal titans from Birmingham, exploded onto the scene in the 1970s, revolutionizing the genre with their 1974 album “Rocka Rolla.” Their 1980 breakthrough, “British Steel,” featuring the hit “Breaking the Law,” solidified their status as metal icons.

Painkiller (1990)

26 . Alpha Wolf – Whenever You’re Ready

Date Added : Mar 9,2024

Alpha Wolf, hailing from Burnie, Tasmania, and now based in Melbourne, tears through the metalcore and nu-metal scenes since their formation in 2013.
Music video directed by : Third Eye Visuals – Song featured on the album : Half Living Things

Akudama (2020)

25 . The Devil Wears Prada – Ritual

Date Added : Mar 9,2024

Formed in 2005 in Dayton, Ohio, The Devil Wears Prada is known for their blend of melodic and aggressive metalcore. With albums like “Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord” and “With Roots Above and Branches Below,” they’ve made significant strides in the genre.
Music video directed by : Wyatt Clough

Broken (2022)

24 . KK’s Priest – Keeper Of The Graves

Date Added : Mar 9,2024

KK’s Priest is a hard rock and heavy metal supergroup formed in 2019 by former Judas Priest guitarist K.K. Downing. The band’s lineup includes Downing, former Judas Priest members Tim “Ripper” Owens (vocals) and Les Binks (drums), guitarist A.J. Mills, and bass player Tony Newton.
Music video directed by : Andy Pilkington – Song featured on the album : The Sinner Rides Again

Sermons Of The Sinner (2021)

23 . Firewind – Stand United

Date Added : Mar 7,2024

Firewind, a Greek power metal band founded in 1998 by Gus G., blends power and heavy metal. Notable albums include “Allegiance” (2006) and “Days of Defiance” (2010). The band’s lineup has evolved over the years, maintaining a signature high-energy style.
Music video directed by : Grupa13 – Song featured on the album : Stand United

Maniac (2010)

22 . Eclipse – Apocalypse Blues

Date Added : Mar 7,2024

Eclipse, formed in Stockholm in 1999, blends hard rock, heavy metal, and AOR. Known for albums like “Bleed & Scream” and “Megalomanium,” their melodic anthems have earned a global following.
Music video directed by : Aurora Alänge & Fredrik Bäckar

Bite The Bullet (2021)

21 . Vulture – Unhallowed & Forgotten

Date Added : Mar 7,2024

Vulture, a German speed/thrash metal band, known for “The Guillotine” and “Sentinels,” blends aggressive riffs with dark lyrical themes. Their energetic style pays homage to thrash metal’s early days while introducing unique elements.
Music video directed by : Robert Piel

High Speed Metal (2022)

20 . New Years Day – Half Black Heart [Live]

Date Added : Mar 7,2024

Led by Ashley Costello, New Years Day, emerging from Anaheim, California, in 2005, has evolved from pop punk to a heavier alternative rock sound. Albums like “Unbreakable” showcase their growth and thematic focus on empowerment.
Music video directed by : Shawn Brandon – Song featured on the album : Half Black Heart

Hurts Like Hell (2022)

19 . Ankor – Venom

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Catalan alternative metal band Ankor, formed in 2003, transitioned from heavy/power metal to alternative rock. With Jessie Williams as lead and Eleni Nota on drums, their discography showcases their evolving sound.
Music video directed by : David Romeu

Prisoner (2022)

18 . Burning Witches – Shot In The Dark

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Swiss band Burning Witches, formed in 2015 by Romana Kalkuhl, is celebrated for its mix of heavy/power metal. Their discography includes “Hexenhammer” (2018) and “The Dark Tower” (2023), combining traditional metal influences with themes of witchcraft and mythology.Song featured on the album : The Dark Tower

Hexenhammer (2018)

17 . Silent Theory – Burn It All Down

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Silent Theory, an American rock band formed in 2010, broke through with “Fragile Minds” in 2016. The track’s success on Active-Rock charts and its music video’s millions of views underscore the band’s resonance with fans.
Music video directed by : J.T. Ibanez – Song featured on the album : Afterlifelines

Fragile Minds (2015)

16 . Born Of Osiris – A Mind Short Circuiting

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Born of Osiris, a Chicago-based progressive metalcore band since 2003, incorporates complex electronics with heavy guitar work. Albums like “The Discovery” (2011) and “Angel or Alien” (2021) showcase their technical prowess, despite recent lineup changes.

Angel Or Alien (2021)

15 . Rhapsody Of Fire – Challenge The Wind

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Italian band Rhapsody of Fire, pioneers in symphonic power metal since 1993, merged classical music with epic metal narratives. They are known for tracks like “Emerald Sword,” their albums, including “Legendary Tales” (1997).
Music video directed by : Simone Vrech – Song featured on the album : Challenge The Wind

Chains Of Destiny (2021)

14 . Boundaries – Easily Erased

Date Added : Mar 5,2024

Metalcore band Boundaries, from Hartford, Connecticut, has made waves with “Your Receding Warmth” (2020) and “Burying Brightness” (2022). Signed to 3DOT Recordings, they’re known for blending metalcore’s intensity with emotional and technical skill.
Music video directed by : Errick Easterday – Song featured on the album : Death Is Little More

13 . Defocus – Don’t Let It Hurt Me

Date Added : Mar 4,2024

German metalcore band Defocus, formed in 2019, released “In The Eye Of Death We Are All The Same” in 2021. Their music combines metalcore’s intensity with reflective ambience.
Music video directed by : Danny Jakov – Song featured on the album : There Is A Place For Me On Earth

Crooked Mind (2023)

12 . Whom Gods Destroy – Crawl

Date Added : Mar 4,2024

Whom Gods Destroy, a progressive metal group, features Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (Guns N’ Roses), and Dino Jelusick (Whitesnake).
Music video directed by : Vicente Cordero – Song featured on the album : Insanium

11 . Venues – Godspeed Goodbye

Date Added : Mar 4,2024

Venues, originating from Stuttgart as Break Down a Venue, rose with their debut “Aspire” and evolved through member changes to release “Solace” in 2021, combining metalcore with visual storytelling.
Music video directed by : Marius Milinski – Song featured on the album : Transience

Nothing Less (2018)

10 . Liliac – Rise Up

Date Added : Mar 4,2024

Formed by the Cristea siblings under the guidance of their father, Florin Cristea, a music producer from Transylvania, Romania, Liliac, a hard rock band from Los Angeles, embodies driving guitar riffs, catchy melodies, classical instrumentation and a fusion of familial harmony and vamp metal flair. The band debuted with the 2019 album “Chain of Thorns,” followed by 2020 “Queen of Hearts”
Music video directed by : Florin Cristea & Liliac

Chain Of Thorns (2018)

9 . Alien Ant Farm – Fade

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Alien Ant Farm, formed in 1995, gained fame with “Smooth Criminal” and released platinum album “ANThology” in 2001. Despite challenges, including a bus accident in 2002, they continued with albums like “truANT” and “Always and Forever.”

Smooth Criminal (2009)

8 . Borknagar – The Wild Lingers

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Norwegian band Borknagar, formed in 1995, merges black, folk, and avant-garde metal. Their discography includes “The Olden Domain” (1997) and “True North” (2019). Notable for their thematic focus on philosophy and nature, they feature a blend of aggressive and melodic sounds.
Music video directed by : Marius Martinsen, Kenneth Williams & Lars A. Nedland

Up North (2019)

7 . Leaves’ Eyes – In Eternity

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Formed in 2003 as a German-Norwegian collaboration, Leaves’ Eyes weaves symphonic metal with gothic and progressive elements. Notable for their “Beauty and the Beast” vocal style, they gained fame with albums like 2005’s “Vinland Saga,” inspired by Viking lore. The departure of original vocalist Liv Kristine in 2016 brought in Elina Siirala, marking a new era while maintaining their epic symphonic sound.
Music video directed by : Alexander Krull – Song featured on the album : Myths Of Fate

Sign Of The Dragonhead (2017)

6 . The Requiem – Cursed

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

The Requiem, a trio from Broward County, FL, merges alternative, rock, emo, and eighties music. Their debut album “A Cure to Poison the World” showcases a unique rock vision.Song featured on the album : A Cure To Poison The World

Diary Of A Masochist (2023)

5 . Ministry – New Religion

Date Added : Mar 3,2024

Ministry, led by Al Jourgensen since 1981, pioneered industrial metal with albums like “Psalm 69.” Despite challenges, they continued to influence the genre with albums like “AmeriKKKant” and “Moral Hygiene.” Song featured on the album : Hopiumforthemasses

Search And Destroy (2021)

4 . Judas Priest – The Serpent And The King

Date Added : mars 1, 2024

Known for their twin guitar attacks and Rob Halford’s soaring vocals, Judas Priest, the British heavy metal titans from Birmingham, exploded onto the scene in the 1970s, revolutionizing the genre with their 1974 album “Rocka Rolla.” Their 1980 breakthrough, “British Steel,” featuring the hit “Breaking the Law,” solidified their status as metal icons.

Painkiller (1990)

3 . Thornhill – Obsession

Date Added : mars 1, 2024

Thornhill, from Melbourne, made their mark with “The Dark Pool,” praised for its complexity. Their album “Heroine” debuted at #3 on the ARIA Album chart, reflecting their growing influence in heavy metal.
Music video directed by : Jacob Charlton & Jon Pisani

Where We Go When We Die (2019)

2 . Reliqa – Terminal

Date Added : mars 1, 2024

Sydney’s Reliqa offers a mix of aggressive riffs and progressive grooves. Debuting with “Eventide” in 2018, they”ve been recognized for thematic music and supported acts like Sevendust. Singles like “Mr. Magic” highlight their diverse sound, contributing significantly to alternative metal.
Music video directed by : Colin Jeffs

Mr. Magic (2020)

1 . Praying Mantis – Defiance

Date Added : mars 1, 2024

Praying Mantis, a pioneer in the NWOBHM movement, debuted with “Time Tells No Lies” in 1981. Known for melodic heavy metal, they”ve faced industry challenges but remain influential with albums like “Legacy” and “Katharsis,” demonstrating their enduring appeal.

Keep It Alive (2018)

Hard & Metal New Music Videos – N°252


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