Hard & Metal New Music Videos – N°256

Here are the brand new hard rock, metal, etc. songs that caught, these past days, our aural interest and visual liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

49 . Smash Into Pieces & Liamoo – Flame

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Swedish rock band Smash Into Pieces, formed in 2008, surged to prominence with albums “Unbreakable” (2013), “The Apocalypse DJ” (2015), and “Arcadia” (2020). Known for integrating electronic elements, they also competed in Melodifestivalen 2023 with “Six Feet Under.”
Music video directed by : John Gyllhamn

Reckoning (2022)

48 . Ankor – Embers

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Catalan alternative metal band Ankor, formed in 2003, transitioned from heavy/power metal to alternative rock. With Jessie Williams as lead and Eleni Nota on drums, their discography showcases their evolving sound.
Music video directed by : David Romeu

Prisoner (2022)

47 . Korpiklaani – Harhainen Höyhen

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Formed in 2003, Finnish band Korpiklaani blends traditional folk with metal. Evolving from Shamaani Duo and Shaman, they”ve released albums like “Spirit of the Forest” and “Jylhä.” Their lyrics often explore themes of alcohol and partying, with songs typically in Finnish, reflecting their cultural roots.
Music video directed by : Miika Hakala – Song featured on the album : Rankarumpu

Vodka (2009)

46 . Oceano – Wounds Never Healed

Date Added : Jun 8,2024

Oceano is an American deathcore band from Chicago, formed in 2006. Known for their aggressive style, their debut album “Depths” (2009) featured the single “District of Misery,” they have released albums like “Contagion” (2010) and “Ascendants” (2015).Song featured on the album : Living Chaos

District Of Misery (2009)

45 . Simone Simons – In Love We Rust

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Dutch vocalist Simone Simons, born 1985, leads the symphonic metal band Epica since 2002. Albums include “The Phantom Agony” and “Design Your Universe.” Simons collaborated with bands like Kamelot and Ayreon, and runs the “SmoonStyle” blog.
Music video directed by : Patric Ullaeus – Song featured on the album : Vermillion

Storm The Sorrow (W/ Epica) (2012)

44 . Eleine – Suffering

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Eleine is a Swedish symphonic metal band formed in 2014. Known for albums “Eleine” and “Dancing in Hell,” they are recognized for their dark, melodic sound and theatrical live performances.
Music video directed by : Moob, Rikard Ekberg & Madeleine Liljestam – Song featured on the album : We Shall Remain

Enemies (2020)

43 . Sunburst – From The Cradle To The Grave

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Sunburst is a Greek power/progressive metal band known for their album “Fragments of Creation” (2016). The band features Vasilis Georgiou, Gus Drax, Nick Grey, and Kostas Milonas.
Music video directed by : Bob Katsionis – Song featured on the album : Manifesto

Hollow Lies (2024)

42 . Defences – Gold In The Dark

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Defences is a British metalcore band formed in 2013. Known for their album “With Might and Main” (2017), featuring singles “Grow” and “Two Steps Back,” they blend metalcore with electronic and alternative rock elements.
Music video directed by : Oli Duncanson

False Gods (2022)

41 . DVRK – Breathless

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

DVRK is a French fusion band combining deathcore, nu metal, and bass music. Formed in 2019, they signed their first EP with Season Of Mist and feature collaborations with Conquer Divide and Hyro The Hero.Song featured on the album : Infinite Reminiscence (Ep)

Existential Reckoning (2022)

40 . Elettra Storm – Sacrifice Of Angels

Date Added : Jun 7,2024

Elettra Storm, a new band formed in 2023 by SinHeresy co-founder Davide Sportiello, features Crystal Emiliani (Re-X) on vocals. The band combines elements of early 2000s power metal with a modern, female-fronted approach.
Music video directed by : Roberto Di Giusto & Diego Perotti – Song featured on the album : Powerlords

39 . Hammerfall – The End Justifies

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

HammerFall, a Swedish power metal band formed in 1993, revitalized the genre with albums like “Glory to the Brave” and “Legacy of Kings.” Known for their dynamic live shows and medieval themes, they are mainstays in the power metal scene.Song featured on the album : Avenge The Fallen

Brotherhood (2022)

38 . Eivør – Upp Úr Øskuni / Rise From The Ashes

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Eivør Pálsdóttir, a Faroese singer-songwriter, is known for her diverse genres and collaborations. Her albums “Larva” (2010) and “Bridges” (2015) showcase her range. She won the Nordic Council Music Prize in 2021 and has contributed to soundtracks, including “The Last Kingdom.”
Music video directed by : Katrin Joensen Næss – Song featured on the album : Enn

On My Way To Somewhere (2016)

37 . Evergrey – Cold Dreams (w/ Jonas Renkse, Salina Englund)

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Evergrey, hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, has been a progressive/power metal force since 1995. Their 2006 album “Monday Morning Apocalypse” propelled them into the spotlight, followed by global tours and acclaimed albums like “Glorious Collision” and “The Atlantic.” Known for their thematic depth, the band’s recent works “Escape of the Phoenix” and “A Heartless Portrait (The Orphean Testament)” continue their legacy of introspective metal, solidified by a stable lineup featuring Tom S. Englund and Henrik Danhage.
Music video directed by : John Kaimakamis And Thenightwatcher – Song featured on the album : Theories Of Emptiness

Distance (2016)

36 . Bury Tomorrow – Villain Arc

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Bury Tomorrow, a British metalcore band formed in 2006, is known for albums like “Portraits” (2009) and “The Union of Crowns” (2012). Their melodic metalcore sound includes hits like “Lionheart” and “Man on Fire.” Their latest album, “The Seventh Sun,” was released in 2023.

Death [Ever Colder] (2022)

35 . Leprous – Atonement

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Leprous, a progressive metal band from Norway, formed in 2001, is known for albums like “Tall Poppy Syndrome” (2009) and “The Congregation” (2015). Their latest album, “Aphelion” (2021), continues to showcase their blend of progressive rock, jazz, and metal.
Music video directed by : Dariusz Szermanowicz – Song featured on the album : Melodies Of Atonement

The Silent Revelation (2022)

34 . Nocturna – Creatures Of Darkness

Date Added : Jun 5,2024

Nocturna, an Italian symphonic power metal band formed in 2021, gained attention for their debut album “Daughters of the Night”. Known for the dual frontwomen Grace Darkling and Rehn Stillnight, their music blends symphonic and power metal with dark fantasy themes. Highlights include “Blood of Heaven” and “The Trickster”.
Music video directed by : Matteo Circiello – Song featured on the album : Of Sorcery And Darkness

New Evil (2021)

33 . Terminal Sleep – Spineless

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Terminal Sleep, a heavy hardcore band from Melbourne, Australia, formed during the pandemic, tackles themes of self-empowerment and mental health. Their debut single “Death Therapy” and EPs “Chapter 1: No Solace” (2022) and “Chapter 2: Elicit Fear” (2023) showcase their intense sound.
Music video directed by : Tom Ise

Death Therapy (2023)

32 . Nile – Chapter For Not Being Hung Upside Down On A Stake

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Nile, an American death metal band formed in 1993, is known for blending technical death metal with ancient Egyptian themes. Led by Karl Sanders, their notable albums include “Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka” (1998) and “Annihilation of the Wicked” (2005). Their latest album, “Vile Nilotic Rites,” was released in 2019.
Music video directed by : Tom Flynn

Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame (2013)

31 . Eclipse – Falling To My Knees

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Eclipse, formed in Stockholm in 1999, blends hard rock, heavy metal, and AOR. Known for albums like “Bleed & Scream” and “Megalomanium,” their melodic anthems have earned a global following.

Bite The Bullet (2021)

30 . Kissin’ Dynamite – The Devil Is A Woman

Date Added : Jun 3,2024

Kissin’ Dynamite, a German hard rock band formed in 2006, known for albums like “Steel of Swabia” and “Ecstasy”, which hit #7 on the German charts. Their style, reminiscent of 80s rock and metal, features energetic performances and catchy anthems. “Not The End Of The Road”, their latest, showcases growth and ambition, produced by vocalist Hannes Braun.
Music video directed by : Mirko Witzki

Not The End Of The Road (2021)

29 . Shepherds Reign – Ala Mai

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Shepherds Reign, a Polynesian metal band from South Auckland, New Zealand, blends traditional Polynesian music with heavy metal. Formed in 2013, they released their debut album “Shepherds Reign” (2018) and “Ala Mai” (2023), featuring tracks like “Aiga” and “Le Manu.”
Music video directed by : Bahador Borhani

Le Manu (2020)

28 . Bury Tomorrow – Villain Arc

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Bury Tomorrow, a British metalcore band from Southampton, England, formed in 2006. Their debut album “Portraits” (2009) was followed by “The Union of Crowns” (2012) and “Black Flame” (2018). The band includes lead vocalist Daniel Winter-Bates and drummer Adam Jackson.

Cannibal (2020)

27 . A Day To Remember – Feedback

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

A Day to Remember (ADTR), an American rock band from Ocala, Florida, formed in 2003. Known for their unique blend of metalcore and pop-punk, their debut album “And Their Name Was Treason” (2005) and breakout album “Homesick” (2009) feature hits like “The Downfall of Us All.”
Music video directed by : Jeb Hardwick

All I Want (2012)

26 . Four Year Strong – Uncooked

Date Added : Jun 1,2024

Four Year Strong, an American band from Worcester, Massachusetts, blends hardcore punk and pop-punk. Known for albums like “Enemy of the World,” they hit Billboard 200 with singles like “It Must Really Suck to Be Four Year Strong Right Now.”
Music video directed by : Benjamin Lieber

Talking Myself In Circles (2020)

25 . Within Temptation – The Reckoning (w/ Amy Lee)

Date Added : May 27,2024

Dutch band Within Temptation, formed in 1996, blends gothic and symphonic metal. Key albums include “Mother Earth” (2000) and “The Silent Force” (2004). Known for hits like “Ice Queen,” they also explored industrial and EDM sounds in later albums such as “Hydra” (2014).Song featured on the album : Worlds Collide Tour – Live In Amsterdam Dvd

Supernova (2019)

24 . Slaughter To Prevail – K.O.D.

Date Added : May 27,2024

Slaughter to Prevail is a Russian deathcore band led by vocalist Aleksandr “Alex Terrible” Shikolai, formed in 2014, known for albums “Misery Sermon” (2017) and “Kostolom” (2021). Notable singles include “Demolisher” and “Baba Yaga.” The band is signed to Sumerian Records.

Demolisher (2020)

23 . The Hellacopters – Stay With You

Date Added : May 27,2024

The Hellacopters, a seminal Swedish garage rock band, were formed in 1994. Their sound, initially hardcore punk and garage rock, evolved over albums like “Grande Rock” and “By the Grace of God,” the latter being their most commercially successful. After disbanding in 2008, they reunited in 2016 and released “Eyes of Oblivion” in 2022.
Music video directed by : Emil Klinta

By The Grace Of God (2002)

22 . Orbit Culture – While We Serve

Date Added : May 26,2024

Orbit Culture, a melodic death metal band from Eksjö, Sweden, formed in 2013. Their albums include “In Medias Res” (2014), “Rasen” (2016), “Nija” (2020), and “Descent” (2023). Known for tracks like “North Star of Nija,” they blend groove metal and traditional death metal.

Saw (2018)

21 . Downfall Of Mankind – Purgatory (w/ Matthew K Heafy)

Date Added : May 26,2024

Downfall of Mankind, a symphonic deathcore band from Lisbon, Portugal, formed in 2019. Their debut album “Vile Birth” (2022) includes tracks like “Divine Slaughter.” The lineup features Sérgio Páscoa, Lucas Bishop, Pedro Peralta, Diogo Gates, and Arthur Baptista. Their music blends aggressive riffs with symphonic orchestration.

God Of Nothingness (2023)

20 . Royale Lynn & Danny Worsnop – Death Wish

Date Added : May 26,2024

Canadian artist Royale Lynn, known for “Punktry” – a fusion of punk and country, moved to Nashville in 2015. Her song “Six Feet Deep” reached #3 on American Country iTunes and #1 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Digital Sales chart. She has written for Spencer Crandall and Leah Marie Mason. Royale Lynn signed with Epitaph Records in 2023, showcasing her genre-blending style.
Music video directed by : Dylan Hryciuk

Runs In The Water (2023)

19 . Reliqa – Dying Light

Date Added : May 26,2024

Sydney’s Reliqa offers a mix of aggressive riffs and progressive grooves. Debuting with “Eventide” in 2018, they”ve been recognized for thematic music and supported acts like Sevendust. Singles like “Mr. Magic” highlight their diverse sound, contributing significantly to alternative metal.
Music video directed by : Colin Jeffs – Song featured on the album : Secrets Of The Future

Mr. Magic (2020)

18 . As I Lay Dying – Burden

Date Added : May 23,2024

As I Lay Dying, a metalcore band from San Diego, formed in 2000. Key albums include “Shadows Are Security” (2005) and “An Ocean Between Us” (2007). The band reformed in 2018 and released “Shaped by Fire” in 2019.
Music video directed by : Tom Flynn & Mike Watts

My Own Grave (2019)

17 . Attack Attack! – Concrete

Date Added : May 23,2024

Attack Attack!, a metalcore band from Ohio, formed in 2007. They are known for the debut album “Someday Came Suddenly” (2008) and singles like “Stick Stickly.” Their 2010 self-titled album solidified their presence in the genre.

Stick Stickly (2011)

16 . White Stones – D-Generación

Date Added : May 23,2024

White Stones is a progressive death metal band from Spain, formed by Opeth bassist Martín Méndez in 2019. Their debut album “Kuarahy” (2020) features the standout track “Rusty Shell,” noted for its technical proficiency.Song featured on the album : Memoria Viva

Chain Of Command (2022)

15 . Ruins Of Perception – Immortalize

Date Added : May 23,2024

Ruins Of Perception is a progressive metal band from the U.S., known for their 2018 album “The Depths.” The standout track “Shattered Reality” highlights their complex instrumental arrangements and intense lyrical themes.

Shinigami (2022)

14 . Nightwish – Perfume Of The Timeless

Date Added : May 22,2024

Nightwish, formed in 1996 in Kitee, Finland, is a symphonic metal band known for blending orchestral elements with metal. Their breakthrough album, “Oceanborn” (1998), was followed by successful albums like “Wishmaster” (2000) and “Once” (2004), which featured the hit “Wish I Had an Angel.”
Music video directed by : Ville Lipiäinen – Song featured on the album : Yesterwynde

Élan (2015)

13 . All For Metal – Valkyries In The Sky (w/ Laura Guldemond & Tim Hansen)

Date Added : May 22,2024

All For Metal, a heavy metal band formed in 2022, features an international lineup from Germany and Italy. Known for anthemic metal songs, their debut “All For Metal” was well-received. Other tracks include “Born In Valhalla” and “Raise Your Hammer”, showcasing their melodic metal sound with folky elements.
Music video directed by : Patrick Heidekorn – Song featured on the album : Gods Of Metal (Year Of The Dragon)

Ury Of The Gods (2023)

12 . Amorphis – Drowned Maid [Live]

Date Added : May 22,2024

Amorphis, a Finnish band formed in 1990, initially played death metal but evolved to include progressive and folk metal. Their breakthrough album, “Tales from the Thousand Lakes” (1994), combined death metal with Finnish folklore. Their other albums include “Elegy” (1996) and “Eclipse” (2006), with the latter introducing vocalist Tomi Joutsen.
Music video directed by : Antti Kuivalainen – Song featured on the album : Tales From The Thousand Lakes – Live At Tavastia

On The Dark Waters (2022)

11 . Stray View – Escape

Date Added : May 22,2024

Stray View is an emerging pop/rock band from Dallas, Texas. Their music blends catchy melodies with relatable lyrics, exemplified in their single “What’s Done Is Done.”
Music video directed by : Orie Mcginness

10 . Steve Welsh – If Korn Wrote ‘torn’

Date Added : May 21,2024

Steve Welsh, vocalist for Melbourne’s Dead City Ruins, joined before their 2022 album “Shockwave.” Known for energetic rock ‘n’ roll, he contributes with covers and original music on YouTube.

If Nirvana’S ‘Nevermind’ Was Written By 12 Different Bands (2021)

9 . Orden Ogan – Moon Fire

Date Added : May 21,2024

German power metal band Orden Ogan, formed in 1996, is known for albums like “Vale” (2008) and “Final Days” (2021). Incorporating folk and progressive elements, their narrative-driven music features dark themes and epic storytelling. The band, which also organizes the WinterNachtsTraum festival, achieved a top 3 German chart position with “Final Days.”
Music video directed by : Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann – Song featured on the album : The Order Of Fear

Gunman (2018)

8 . Bridear – Still Burning

Date Added : May 21,2024

Japanese band Bridear, from Fukuoka, formed in 2012, mixes power metal, progressive rock, and J-pop. Their discography includes “BARYTE” (2016) and international releases like “Bloody Bride” (2021) through SETSUZOKU RECORDS. Their latest, “Aegis of Athena” (2022), solidifies their global appeal.
Music video directed by : Patric Ullaeus – Song featured on the album : Born Again

Determination (2022)

7 . Mystery – Writing On The Wall

Date Added : May 20,2024

Australian hard rock band Mystery, formed in 2010, includes Rocky Ravic, Oscar Hauke, Duje Ivic, and Gavin Hill. Known for their robust sound, they have international appeal and are signed with Melbourne-based labels. Their debut album “2013” launched their career, with subsequent releases showcasing their evolution.
Music video directed by : Steve Ravic – Song featured on the album : Mind Pollution

Fight For You (2015)

6 . Jinjer – Home Back [Live]

Date Added : May 20,2024

Ukrainian metalcore band Jinjer, formed in 2009, features Tatiana Shmayluk’s vocals. Albums include “Macro” (2019) and “Wallflowers” (2021), noted for blending metal with reggae and progressive rock. Despite touring setbacks, they released “Alive in Melbourne” (2020) and recorded “Wallflowers” in Kyiv (2021).
Music video directed by : Lina Glasir & Tony Filipic – Song featured on the album : Live In Los Angeles

Pisces [Live] (2017)

5 . Get The Shot – Dominant Predation (w/ Paleface Swiss)

Date Added : May 20,2024

Canadian hardcore punk band Get The Shot from Quebec City blends hardcore, punk, and metal elements. Known for intense energy and socio-political lyrics, their 2012 debut “Perdition” and the 2017 track “Blackened Sun” from “Infinite Punishment” highlight their aggressive style.
Music video directed by : Maxime Maltais

Divination Of Doom (2023)

4 . Static Dress – Crying

Date Added : May 19,2024

Formed in Leeds in 2018, Static Dress released “Rouge Carpet Disaster” in 2022. Known for their post-hardcore style, they blend metalcore and emo influences. The band gained attention with their debut single “clean.” in 2019 and have since signed with Roadrunner Records in 2023.
Music video directed by : Static Dress

Such.A.Shame (2022)

3 . Wage War – Tombstone

Date Added : May 19,2024

Known for their metalcore style, Wage War, formed in 2010 in Ocala, Florida, has released albums like “Blueprints” (2015) and “Manic” (2021).
Music video directed by : Ana Massard – Song featured on the album : Stigma

High Horse (2022)

2 . Pain – Don’t Wake The Dead

Date Added : May 19,2024

Pain, created by Peter Tägtgren in Sweden, blends heavy metal with electronic music. Known for albums like “Nothing Remains the Same,” Pain has achieved Gold status in Sweden and is celebrated for hits like “Shut Your Mouth,” showcasing Tägtgren’s innovative fusion of genres.
Music video directed by : Damien Dausch – Song featured on the album : I Am

Party In My Head (2021)

1 . Future Palace – The Echoes Of Disparity (w/ Charlie Rolfe & As Everything Unfolds)

Date Added : May 19,2024

Future Palace, a German post-hardcore band formed in 2018, released “Escape” in 2020 and “Run” in 2022, hitting 82nd on the German Albums Charts. Influenced by Bring Me the Horizon and Pvris, their lyrics explore themes of depression and toxic relationships.
Music video directed by : Pavel Trebukhin – Song featured on the album : Distortion

Paradise (2022)

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