Hard & Metal New Music Videos – N°258


Hard & Metal New Music Videos – N°258

Here are the brand new hard rock, metal…. songs that caught, these past days, our aural interest and visual liking. Beware (possibly) NSFW

28 . Gwar – I’m Just Ken

Date Added : Jul 19,2024

Gwar is an American heavy metal band from Richmond, Virginia, formed in 1984. Known for their elaborate costumes and theatrical performances, their breakthrough album “Scumdogs of the Universe” (1990) featured hits like “Sick of You.” They’ve released albums like “America Must Be Destroyed” (1992) and “The Blood of Gods” (2017).
Music video directed by : Brad Wagner

Let Us Slay (2010)

27 . Majestica – A New Beginning

Date Added : Jul 19,2024

Majestica, formerly known as ReinXeed, is a Swedish symphonic power metal band formed by Tommy Johansson. Renamed in 2019, their debut album “Above the Sky” was released under Nuclear Blast. Notable works include “A Christmas Carol” (2020), an adaptation of Dickens’ tale.
Music video directed by : Erik Hansen

Above The Sky (2019)

26 . 156/Silence – Better Written Villain

Date Added : Jul 19,2024

156/Silence is an American metalcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, known for their 2020 album “Irrational Pull” and the single “For All To Blame.” Signed to SharpTone Records, their 2022 album “Narrative” features a dynamic sound with atmospheric elements.
Music video directed by : Nick Chance

A Past Embrace (2022)

25 . Caliban – I Was A Happy Kid Once

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Caliban is a German metalcore band from Essen, formed in 1997. Known for albums like “The Opposite from Within” (2004) and “Gravity” (2016), their discography includes “Dystopia” (2022).
Music video directed by : Der Pakt

Forsaken Horizon (2009)

24 . Wolfheart – Evenfall

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

Finnish band Wolfheart, formed by Tuomas Saukkonen in 2013, blends melodic death metal with folk and doom elements. Notable albums include “Winterborn” (2013) and “Wolves of Karelia” (2020). Their popular single “The Hunt” showcases their intense, melodic style.
Music video directed by : Valtteri Hirvonen – Song featured on the album : Draconian Darkness

The King (2023)

23 . 1349 – Shadow Point

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

1349 is a Norwegian black metal band formed in Oslo in 1997. Their debut album, “Liberation” (2003), was followed by “Hellfire” (2005). Known for tracks like “Sculptor of Flesh,” they have performed at major festivals and were nominated for a Spellemannprisen.
Music video directed by : Claudio Marino – Song featured on the album : The Wolf And The King

Dødskamp (2020)

22 . In Hearts Wake – The Flood (w/ Winston Mccall)

Date Added : Jul 15,2024

In Hearts Wake, from Byron Bay, Australia, debuted with “Divination” in 2012. Known for environmental advocacy, their albums “Earthwalker” and “Skydancer” achieved notable chart success. Their music often features themes of environmentalism.
Music video directed by : Colin Jeffs – Song featured on the album : Incarnation

Breakaway (2015)

21 . Axty – Save Me

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

Axty, a Brazilian metalcore band from São Paulo, formed in 2021, released the album “Helpless” which surpassed two million streams. Their follow-up album “Unbreakable” also achieved significant success. Notable singles include “Six Feet Under” and “Take Me Down.”
Music video directed by : Felipe Hervoso – Song featured on the album : Hannya

Unbreakable (2023)

20 . One Ok Rock – Delusion:All

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

One Ok Rock, formed in Tokyo in 2005, gained fame with “Zeitakubyō” (2007). Their single “The Beginning” (2012) became hugely popular. The band includes Taka (vocals), Toru (guitar), Ryota (bass), and Tomoya (drums).
Music video directed by : Taichi Kimura

Clock Strikes (2013)

19 . In Extremo – Wolkenschieber

Date Added : Jul 13,2024

In Extremo is a German medieval metal band formed in 1995. Their breakthrough came with “Weckt die Toten!” (1998). The album “Verehrt und Angespien” (1999) reached number 11 in Germany. “Mein Rasend Herz” (2005) peaked at number three and earned gold status.
Music video directed by : Holger „Fichte“ Fichtner

Herr Mannelig [Live] (2020)

18 . Wind Rose – Rock And Stone

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Italian band Wind Rose, formed in 2009, is renowned for their “dwarven metal” style, a fusion of power, folk, and symphonic metal inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien’s fantasy. Their discography features albums like “Shadows Over Lothadruin” (2012) and “Warfront” (2022), embracing themes from Middle-earth’s dwarves. derico Gatti (drums), known for bringing fantasy to life in their music and performances.Song featured on the album : Trollslayer

Together We Rise (2023)

17 . Mushroomhead – Prepackaged

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Mushroomhead is an American alternative metal band from Cleveland, formed in 1993. Their breakthrough album “XX” (2001) featured the single “Solitaire/Unraveling”. Known for elaborate stage performances, they released “Savior Sorrow” (2006) and “The Righteous & the Butterfly” (2014).
Music video directed by : Steve Felton – Song featured on the album : Call The Devil

Qwerty (2014)

16 . Dark Tranquillity – Not Nothing

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Dark Tranquillity is a Swedish melodic death metal band formed in 1989 in Gothenburg. Their 1995 album “The Gallery” earned critical acclaim. Notable singles include “ThereIn” from “Projector” (1999). They have released several acclaimed albums, including “Damage Done” (2002).
Music video directed by : Niklas Sundin – Song featured on the album : Endtime Signals

The Dark Unbroken (2021)

15 . Charlotte Wessels – Dopamine (w/ Simone Simons)

Date Added : Jul 12,2024

Dutch singer-songwriter Charlotte Wessels, born May 13, 1987, is known for her work with Delain and solo albums “Tales from Six Feet Under” (2021) and “Tales from Six Feet Under Vol II” (2022). Delain’s notable albums include “Lucidity” (2006) and “April Rain” (2009).Song featured on the album : The Obsession

Soft Revolution (2021)

14 . As I Lay Dying – The Cave We Fear To Enter

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

As I Lay Dying, a metalcore band from San Diego, formed in 2000. Key albums include “Shadows Are Security” (2005) and “An Ocean Between Us” (2007). The band reformed in 2018 and released “Shaped by Fire” in 2019.
Music video directed by : Tom Flynn & Mike Watts

My Own Grave (2019)

13 . Calva Louise – La Corriente

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

With members hailing from Venezuela, France, and New Zealand, Calva Louise is a trio that formed in London in 2016. Their music, notably the album “Euphoric,” combines grunge, punk, and rock with searing guitar hooks and futuristic bass lines, drawing inspiration from graphic novels and sci-fi movies.
Music video directed by : Jess Allanic

Third Class Citizen (2022)

12 . Accvsed – Day Of The Locust

Date Added : Jul 10,2024

Accvsed, an American crossover thrash band from Seattle formed in 1981, is known for their album The Return of Martha Splatterhead (1986). They re-formed in 2003 and released Oh, Martha! (2005), maintaining relevance with continuous touring and releases like The Curse of Martha Splatterhead (2009).
Music video directed by : Strangeworks / Chris Hesse

Relief (2022)

11 . Silent Theory – Made Me This Way

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

Silent Theory, an American rock band formed in 2010, broke through with “Fragile Minds” in 2016. The track’s success on Active-Rock charts and its music video’s millions of views underscore the band’s resonance with fans.
Music video directed by : & Lorenzo Gianni – Song featured on the album : Tell Us How It Ends Out

Fragile Minds (2015)

10 . 96 Bitter Beings – Flesh Into Gear

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

96 Bitter Beings, an American alternative metal band, was formed by Deron Miller in 2016. Their debut album “Camp Pain” (2018) was followed by “Synergy Restored” (2022). Known for tracks like “Vaudeville’s Revenge,” the band’s lineup includes Deron Miller, Matty Janaitis, and Tuomas Vuorio.
Music video directed by : Samuli Pääskynen & Garth Dunkel – Song featured on the album : ‘Return To Hellview

Vaudeville’S Revenge (2023)

9 . Flat Black – Sideways

Date Added : Jul 8,2024

Flat Black, a hard rock band featuring Jason Hook (ex-Five Finger Death Punch), formed in 2023. Their debut album “Dark Side of the Brain” (2024) features singles “Halo” and “It’s Your Lack of Respect.” The band includes Wes Horton, Rob Pierce, and Nick Diltz.Song featured on the album : Dark Side Of The Brain

Halo (2023)

8 . Hagane – 天下五剣

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

Hagane, a melodic power metal band from Tokyo, Japan, formed in 2018. Members include Kanako, Mayto, Sakura, Sayaka, and Uyu. Their debut album “Code; 9021” (2022) features the popular single “Train.” The band is known for their energetic performances and harmonious sound.
Music video directed by : Hiroto

Sword Of Judgement (2023)

7 . Eclipse – The Spark

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

Eclipse, formed in Stockholm in 1999, blends hard rock, heavy metal, and AOR. Known for albums like “Bleed & Scream” and “Megalomanium,” their melodic anthems have earned a global following.
Music video directed by : Marcus Von Boisman – Song featured on the album : Megalomanium Ii

Bite The Bullet (2021)

6 . Graphic Nature – Human

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

Fronted by Harvey Freeman, Graphic Nature, formed in 2019 and hailing from London and Kent, is a five-piece band that blends nu metal and hardcore, with garage and drum & bass influences by ’90s bands such as Korn and Deftones.
Music video directed by : Zak Pinchin

Into The Dark + Bad Blood (2022)

5 . Dark Remedy – Guilty As Charged

Date Added : Jul 7,2024

Dark Remedy, formed during the COVID-19 pandemic by Steven Miller and Cary Parsons, features Grammy-nominated drummer Paul Crosby. Known for tracks like “Blood Money” and “Haunted,” their third single “Now or Never” was released in 2023. Their music blends hard rock with impactful themes.
Music video directed by : Thomas Crane

Now Or Never (2023)

4 . The Hu – Bosoo Huh Mongol

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

The Hu, a Mongolian folk metal band founded in 2016, pioneers “hunnu rock,” blending traditional Mongolian instruments and throat singing with metal. Their debut album “The Gereg” (2019) and singles like “Yuve Yuve Yu” and “Wolf Totem” have propelled them to global recognition, including topping Billboard’s Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart. The Hu has received Mongolia’s highest state award, the Order of Genghis Khan, and contributed to “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” soundtrack.
Music video directed by : Anar Batsaikhan. Munkhtulga – Song featured on the album : Rumble Of Thunder

Wolf Totem (2019)

3 . Swallow The Sun – Innocence Was Long Forgotten

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Swallow the Sun is a Finnish death/doom metal band formed in 2000. Their debut album “The Morning Never Came” (2003) is a genre landmark. Known for the single “New Moon” (2009), they explore themes of sorrow and nature. Their triple album “Songs from the North I, II & III” (2015) showcases their creative ambition.
Music video directed by : Vesa Ranta & Petri Marttinen

Woven Into Sorrow (2022)

2 . The Eternal – When The Fire Dies

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Australian band The Eternal, formed in 1993, is known for their gothic doom style. Notable albums include “The Sombre Light of Isolation” and “Waiting for the Endless Dawn.” Mark Kelson has been a consistent member throughout.
Music video directed by : Clint Lewis – Song featured on the album : Skinwalker

The Wound (2019)

1 . Downfall Of Mankind – Weard Ov Hell

Date Added : Jul 5,2024

Downfall of Mankind, a symphonic deathcore band from Lisbon, Portugal, formed in 2019. Their debut album “Vile Birth” (2022) includes tracks like “Divine Slaughter.” The lineup features Sérgio Páscoa, Lucas Bishop, Pedro Peralta, Diogo Gates, and Arthur Baptista. Their music blends aggressive riffs with symphonic orchestration.

God Of Nothingness (2023)

Hard & Metal New Music Videos – N°258


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